Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October Wrap-Up {Birthdays & Parties}

I really dislike creating one blog post full of separate events, but for the sake of catching up my blog, I am taking the plunge. Life keeps happening and I'm not typing fast enough. Ha!

We celebrated a couple of more birthdays this month. October really seems to be the month for birthdays!

Jack turned 2 years old!

Most of my followers know this "history," but for those that don't...Jack's mother, Shannon, and I were college roommates. We lived together three of my four years at Auburn and for a couple of years after college. I remember us joking about having children one day and how our children would know the other one as Aunt Eleanor or Aunt Shannon. Little did I know that one day I would be married to Shannon's cousin. So now, we really are family.

Chloe and Evan lovingly refer to Jack as their cousin. They were trying to help Cousin Jack blow out his candles in this picture.

This was the best cousin shot that I managed to get.

Also, Granddaddy celebrated another year of life this past weekend. We drove down to the country to visit him for the day.

Chris grilled out!

And, the littles kept Nana and Granddaddy entertained.

Chloe played (with) Granddaddy's guitar.

Chloe took Nana and Evan for a spin.

I loved this photo that I got of them riding the go-cart at dusk.

And, Chloe gave Granddaddy a sweet card that she made for him:)

Chloe's class also had a Harvest Party this past Friday!

I wish that I had gotten a better picture, but I made this fall mix for the party. This was based on an idea that I found on Pinterest. It was really simple to make. I combined Wheat Chex cereal, Brach's Autumn Mix (candy corns and pumpkins), M&M's Harvest blend, pretzels, raisins, and marshmallows. I found some pumpkin cupcake liners to make separate servings, and voila, a cute and yummy snack.

And finally, the littles were invited to an Frozen Yogurt Party that the children's church, Kidtricity, was hosting at California Yogurt Craze on Sunday. To receive an invite, the littles had to successfully memorize and recite the Lord's Prayer. Although I was proud of both of them, I was especially proud of my littlest little, Evan! He worked extra hard to recite the Lord's Prayer from memory. In fact, we squeaked in on the week of party with a video submission to the children's pastor.

Look at these happy faces!

 And, check out these frozen yogurts!

Chloe's Ice Cream
Evan's Ice Cream

I guess a recurring theme for October is celebration...and we don't mind it, one bit! October has been busy month and we've enjoyed celebrating life and the season.  

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