Monday, June 29, 2015

Blueberry Pickin'

Earlier this month, when we didn't have anything in particular to do on a Saturday, we decided to pick blueberries. I had seen a few pictures on social media of friends at blueberry farms and thought that it would be a fun summer activity to do with my littles. 

I also had ulterior motives. (Insert sinister laugh.) It was the perfect backdrop to take outdoor pictures. I already knew which dress that I wanted Chloe to wear. I would have dressed Evan in a plain white tee and blue jeans, but he didn't have a white tee, so we went with the next best thing, a navy tee.

Here were a few of my captures from our photo shoot the farm.

I intended to wake up early, so we could pick blueberries first thing in the morning. However, we didn't get out until after lunch, so it was hot. Despite the heat, the littles enjoyed themselves. They especially liked snacking on fresh blueberries all weekend. Yum!