Monday, February 17, 2014

Love is in the Air {Valentine's 2014}

Of course, the point to any Valentine's Day celebration is to find the perfect valentine to give.

Evan has really been into robots over these past couple of months, ever since he received the "Robots" blu-ray for Christmas. I had seen this idea on Jessica's blog, Little Pumpkin Grace...Hudson Too, for Valentine's 'Bots, and I knew that they would be perfect. He loved helping me create these, which was surprising. I did all of the assembling, but he would hand me all of the "parts" of the robot. " What's next, Momma?"

All wrapped up and ready to go! (And yes, I'm singing those words to the tune of the Ramone's classic, "Blitzkrieg Bop".)

Chloe had two Valentine's celebrations to attend.

We used the same valentines from last year for her Rainbows Valentine's Celebration.

For her preschool party, I found a {free printable} on Mel's blog, The Larson Lingo. You should be well aware of my love affair with chevron patterns by now;)

Unfortunately, we didn't start off the week so well. We found out on Monday that Chloe had an ear infection and strep. 

Luckily, we caught it early, so Chloe was able to participate in the Rainbows Valentine's celebration on Wednesday night at church. She was on her antibiotic for more than 24 hours and was no longer contagious.

A sweet shot of my littles before Rainbows - Do you notice Evan's shirt?

And, a few party shots

The following day, Chloe had her preschool party. 

I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of Chloe before school in her Valentine's Day outfit.

(Note to self: Front porch pictures do not look good in the harsh morning light.)

We arrived a little before lunchtime to help set-up for the party. (The bean bag toss game was made by another parent, but it was such a cute idea that I thought I'd share.)

Chloe scoped out the party as she walked in from chapel.

As you can see, Evan went straight for the dessert.

I didn't forget to take a picture with my littles this time. Please ignore my puffy eyes and red nose. I had been battling a cold all week, and by this very busy day, it was starting to kick my butt.

Time for the bean bag toss!

Chloe and her classmate, Amanda

Chloe giving Mrs. Helms her valentine.

And on Friday, we had a Valentine's Day breakfast. I usually plan a breakfast as a celebratory meal for holidays or events. I'm really not a breakfast fan, but it has always been the most convenient meal, since it's before work, while I'm fresh and still have some energy. However, on this morning, I was neither fresh, nor energetic, and feeling very sick.

I had set up our breakfast table the night before using left-overs from our previous Valentine's celebrations. Sometime after I had gone to bed, Chris left a few Valentine's surprises of his own.

Earlier in the month, we had gone by Build-A-Bear and built our very own Valentine's teddies, so they joined us on this morning.

The littles know the rule. When they wake up to morning surprises, they have to wait on Momma and Daddy to come downstairs before they are allowed to start digging into the goodies. I got them dressed, but then we had to wait on Daddy to come down. This is how I found them.

I kept it very simple. I pre-ordered Valentine's doughnuts from Krispy Kreme that I picked up while running errands the day before. The littles called dibs on the doughnuts.

Happy Donut Smiles:)

I opted out of being in pictures on this morning, since I was feeling crummy.

After our quick visit to the doctor's office to get Momma some good meds, Uncle Jose and Uncle Rob stopped by to bring valentines to the littles. (Lola was working, so she sent along treats with my brothers.) Chris had given Chloe a valentine at breakfast that morning that said he would be her only valentine until she was 21. I told him that Chloe's uncles may give him a run for his money. They brought a teddy bear and tons of candy for each of the littles.

Chloe also made valentines for her uncles. She was so shy as I was trying to capture this sweet moment and walked away as fast as she could after handing them their valentines.

On Saturday, a package arrived in the mail from Nana and Grandaddy with more Valentine's goodies!

Can you tell that the littles are loved by many?!

We had such a great Valentine's Day Week! I love spending time with my hubby and littles, even if I was feeling under the weather. The snuggles and hugs we shared were the perfect medicine to get me on the road to feeling better.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

January Recap

Since I didn't blog much at all in the month of January, I decided to do a recap the month.

I guess it would only be right to start off with our New Year's Eve.

We said good-bye to my sweetest co-worker and dear friend, Carlene. To be honest, I don't think that I've come to terms with the fact that she is gone...I pretend that she is on an extended vacation and one morning she is going to pop by my cubicle to say "hi!" I'm going to make good on my promise to invade your new home one day, Carlene!;)

I brought the littles by work to say their good-byes on her final day of work.

Then, I found an excuse to stop by her house for one last visit on New Year's Day!

On New Year's Eve, we also sent our boys off to the BCS National Championship.

Brantley and Maddy joined us! They were visiting family in Montgomery, but live in Huntsville, so this was a treat for us.

What you don't see in these pictures (well, maybe you can tell by Evan's expression) were the complaining littles. It was much colder than I was expecting and  we were a little under-dressed for the weather. We lasted just long enough to watch the firsts sets of planes load.

Unfortunately, we didn't "bring home the crystal," but I wasn't disappointed. We had an amazing season, a season of miracles. We went from being an unranked team to playing for a National Title. Not too shabby. I'm proud of our boys and " I (still) believe in Auburn and love it."

On  New Year's Eve, we had our own family celebration at home.

The first photo was a phone picture. Please ignore the lack of quality.

We also celebrated a few birthdays in January.

We celebrated with our New Year's Day baby, Gabe:) 

Phone pictures, again...This is why I hate leaving my "good camera" at home.

Gabe's cousin, Jessica, gave him the most creative present, balloons filled with money.

We celebrated sweet Maevelyn's birthday with a dress-up party.

Chloe and Maeve

We also celebrated two birthdays at Pump-It-Up, a space filled with inflatables for the kids to enjoy...on the same day!

Chloe's classmate, Ansley, had a party.

And, pretty Cason had a glow party. This was a treat for the littles and they had so much fun. They couldn't understand why we had to leave when the party was over. Since it was Chloe's second party of the day there, she suggested that we crash another birthday party. She's a mess, I tell ya'.

In addition, Chloe and Evan earned 6 more badges each for memorizing Bible verses in Rainbows.

 Finally, Chloe is officially playing her first organized sport. (Details coming soon.)

Chloe, the soccer player

January tends to be a busier month for me at work and consignment sale take-ins start in this month as well, so they consume much of my time, hence the lack of blogging. These were just a few of highlights from January. I hope that you enjoyed:)