Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sweets for my Sweets {Valentines 2015}

Over the years, Valentine's Day has evolved to being one of my favorite kiddie holidays. My husband Chris views Valentine's Day as a "made-up commercialized holiday". If you know my hubby, this comes as no surprise to you;) We still do the little gifts and going-out-to-eat thing, but it's just not a romantic holiday for us.

Chris had worked during the night and was fast asleep that morning, but the littles and I celebrated with a Krispy Kreme doughnut breakfast

Although, I love the morning rays of sunshine that flood our dining room and living room, my camera doesn't. We were having issues that morning, but here were a few of my favorite shots.

" I love a doughnut breakfast! Here's my happy dance!"

Not to be outdone by her brother, Chloe also did a "happy dance".

" Look, Momma! I have a Valentine's beard!"

" Me too."

We had some "ussie" fun a little later that morning.

Thanks to a very sweet Christmas gift of a zoo membership, the littles and I enjoyed a visit to the the zoo that afternoon. Thank you Aunt Dana and Uncle Tommy!:)

I loved watching the Panther cubs playing.

We packed a lunch, which was Chloe's idea. She loves going on picnics. This was the first time the littles had eaten Funyuns and they are officially fans!

We fed the parakeets.

And, we rode the zoo train.

We headed home shortly after that and exchanged valentines with Daddy. Then, we went out to eat. Thanks to a last-minute Facebook suggestion, we tried a new place with no wait and excellent food, Plantation House. I forgot to take a picture or "ussie" with the hubby, but it was a very sweet day with my sweets!

This picture was taken at the Better Together Marriage Conference that we attended the weekend before Valentine's Day... because it just wouldn't be a valentine's post without a picture of me and the hubs!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Week of Valentines

Wow! It's hard to believe that it's mid-February already. We've been pretty busy around here and adjusting to a new schedule now that Chris has started a new job...January recap post coming soon.

While it's fresh on my mind, I thought that I'd blog about our Valentine's Day Week.

The week prior to Valentine's Day, Evan and Chloe both had parties at school.

Evan's party was on Wednesday, I was in charge of bringing table decorations. Here were my Dollar Tree makeshift table decoration.

I made table runners using heart-shaped paper doilies and washi tape. Then, I filled glass bottles with red paper shred and heart picks. I used the washi tape to made an "X" and "O" on opposite sides of the bottles.

I also put pink tulips in a decorated mason jar. They served dual purposes as a table decorations and a Valentine's gift for Evan's teacher.

I loved these decorated cookies that another parent brought for kids. This one just so happened to match Evan's shirt.

Evan's sweet classmate, Riley, asked me to take this picture of the two of them.

And, Evan took a picture with Mrs. Helms before we left.

That evening, I sent the littles to their Wednesday night church clubs, Rainbows and Daisies, with valentines for their teachers and class. I was pooped that evening, but I took a couple of pictures before sending them out the door with Chris.

A close-up of Evan's valentines for the Rainbows

The Rainbows had a special Valentine's treat. Love the random boot!

Chloe and I made the same valentines for the Daisies and her class at school. I took these pictures before school one morning. (She's been rockin' the side pony a lot these days.)

Chloe's class has started having parties in conjunction with class field trips. This past Friday, they had a field trip to the Planetarium. Afterwards, they made a special Valentine's craft and ate lunch. I stayed long enough to walk to the Planetarium with the class, which is right up the road from Chloe's school, and back. I didn't bring my camera, but took these with my phone.

Chloe and her school bestie, Gibson - They play "ninjas" during recess.

Chloe and I waiting to "star gaze" (I really need a phone with a better camera!)

Chloe was disappointed that I didn't stay for lunch, but to be honest, I didn't want to take too much leave. These past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic working out the details of our new schedule since Chris is now working during the night. I think that we finally have a plan that will work and I can't wait to settle into our new normal. That aside, I did love spending this special time with my littles and crafting with them.