Saturday, March 29, 2014

Go Blue!!! {Soccer 2014}

Chloe just finished up an 8-week soccer program last week. I alluded to a detailed blog post in my January Recap, but I wanted to cover the whole season in one post, so I waited until after the season was over to share.

Chloe (Chris, and I) knew nothing about the game and learned as the season went along. It took us playing/watching a few games to figure the basic rules of the games.

I have to say that I was very proud of my little soccer player.

Chloe getting ready to play her very first soccer game ever. Who knows? It may be her first of hundreds...or her first of seven (one game was cancelled). ;)

Before every game, the coordinator of the program would gather the children for a quick lesson in good sportsmanship using a key word and referencing it in scripture. She would also lead both teams in prayer. Did I mention that I loved this program?

After the first practice, it was clear that Chloe had natural instincts to defend the ball. She played goalie for at least one quarter in every game.

Here were a few snaps of my little soccer player during the season.

" Good game!"

We had several family members and friends that came out to support Chloe throughout her soccer season. Chloe and Evan were elated to see familiar faces at the games.

Chloe, Nana, & Granddaddy

Chloe, Lola, & Uncle Jose...Uncle Rob came to a game too, but we didn't get a picture.

Chloe, Shannon, Aunt Dana, & Uncle Tommy

Chloe & Jack

Chloe & Aunt Sara

Chloe & Rob (out of focus)

At the last game of the season, just one player of the opposing team showed up. Our assumption was that they thought the game was cancelled since it was the week of spring break. Instead of cancelling the game altogether, the blue team played against parents and siblings in the final game, so Chris and Evan got a chance to play.

Evan didn't like the fact that Chloe was an opponent and only lasted about five minutes before getting too upset to play in the game. Luckily, when Evan is age-eligible to play next year, he and Chloe will be on the same team.

For now, he's content being Chloe's number one fan! He's wearing blue in support of his Sissy and the Blue Team.

The coaches wrapped up the last game with a sweet pep talk and hugs...

...and a big GO BLUE!!!!

We were very thankful to Coach Mac and (Mrs.) Coach Mac for all the time, energy, and patience they put toward molding our mini-athletes.

It was a great season. I look forward to seeing Chloe (and Evan) grow into their own as time passes. I'm not a statistics gal, and firmly believe in raising your children as you see fit as long a you provide a loving and safe environment for them, but I can't deny all the studies that show the positive impact that sports can have on children. I read a quote the other day that I feel sums up what I hope this experience was to Chloe, "Sports do not build character. They reveal it." At this young age, all this mommy heart desires is to expose them to things that may be a little outside of their comfort zones in the hopes that these new experiences will prepare them for what they intend to do in the future, even if it's just teaching them what they're not going to do in the future.  

Thanks again to everyone that came out to support Chloe and the blue team. Go blue!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

February Recap

I'm getting pretty bad at this blogging thing. I really do enjoy blogging, but you would think that I hate it based on the way that I've been avoiding it like the plague. I've tried to figure out what has changed since December (when I was still blogging regularly) and the biggest change seems to be Chloe's participation in organized sports. I guess those afternoon practices and weekend games have been taking more out of me than I thought.

Well, any-who, here is a recap of our February.

Earlier in the month, we made a trip to Build-A-Bear to build our Valentine's teddies. I've only taken the littles to this store once before, but they walked around like they were seasoned veterans...I'm sure that their Lola (my mother) has nothing to do with that;)

Sissy helping her brother, as usual    

Chris and Evan had a guys-night-out at the Monster Truck Show! (Evan really deserves a special night every once in a while, especially considering that our lives seem to revolve around Chloe and her activities. Don't worry. Evan will have his share of his own activities one day.)

Here they are showing off their "manly men" faces before the show.

Per my request, Daddy took some phone pictures. Thank you, Chris!

Chloe's classmate, Cameron, had a cute lego-themed birthday party with inflatables.

Chloe has revealed to Chris and I that she has a boyfriend in her class. They don't actually play together during recess, but she says that Cameron has claimed her for his wife one day...

Chloe and another one of her classmates, Evan, had a blast racing down the slide.

Chloe's classmate, Luke, also celebrated his birthday. His parents were sweet enough to extend an invitation to Evan as well. They had a blast at the bowling alley!

A small group picture with the birthday boy! - Chloe came straight to the party from t-ball practice, hence the workout attire.

Speaking of t-ball...Chloe's hasn't had her first official t-ball game yet, but practices have started.

Here are a few pictures (taken with my phone) at try-outs. Everyone makes the team, but the try-outs are held for team placement, so there is an even distribution of players with different skill levels on each team.

I was able to snag a few photos at one her practices.

Chloe is the bright green speck in the outfield. Also, Chris has decided to help coach this year. That's him in the orange.

Our most exciting news during the month of February was that Chloe was selected to attend the academic magnet school next school year. We have prayed for this and we couldn't be more excited and thankful! By some divine fate, Nana, Grandmama, Lola and Uncle Jose were there as we shared the great news with Chloe. It was truly a sweet family moment as I read Chloe her letter of acceptance.  

I think that we're all caught up on February now:)