Monday, January 4, 2016

North Pole Breakfast {2015}

If you haven't noticed already, there is no rhyme or reason to my posts over these last few days. I'm desperately trying to document our Christmas, so please bear with me.

Once again, we welcomed in the Christmas holidays and our favorite scout elves with our North Pole Breakfast celebration. We traveled to Texas to visit family during the week of Thanksgiving, so we got a late start and didn't have our breakfast until December 5th.

This year, I decided on a Peanuts-themed NPB. I drew my inspiration from the date that Evan and I had planned to watch "The Peanuts Movie." {Click here.}

Here were a few of the detail shots from our breakfast.

The kids always love waking up to our NPB, but they were especially excited to see our elves, Elfa and Tiger.

Elfa was waiting on the dining room table.

However, Tiger landed at the top of Evan's Auburn Christmas tree with a few new surprises for the tree!

I asked Tiger to land there every morning that he was with us, since he made such a great tree topper;)

Chloe and Evan read their letter from Elfa and Tiger. It went a little something like this, " kind, don't lie, don't whine, study hard...":)

Afterwards, the kids opened up their gifts. As usual, they got a Hallmark ornament and Christmas pj's. This year, I also got them Snoopy shirts to tie in with our theme:) This was the first year that they thought to question who gave them the gifts. In years past, if they thought the elves brought the gifts, I didn't correct them. There was no denying that the gifts were from me, especially since they recognized the wrapping paper and ribbon in my stash. The jig was finally up.

Then, it was time to dig in! And yes, I had my very own Peanuts shirt!

Apparently, no one in my home realized that the green pancakes were meant to resemble a Christmas tree...until I mentioned it later. Please tell me that you see it.

Evan's happy dance:)

There you have it, folks! Another successful NPB in the books!

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Aubie Claus 2015

Just sharing our 2015 Aubie Claus pictures...


War Eagle!!!

A Date with Little Miss to The Nutcracker Ballet

Chloe and I continued our annual tradition of watching the Montgomery Ballet's performance of The Nutcracker.

We made a quick detour to pick up the tickets, which I had left in my desk at work. I snapped this picture in the elevator of Chloe and myself.

After the performance, we attended the Sugar Plum Fairy party where Chloe got to meet several of the dancers. I usually purchase an ornament as a souvenir for Chloe, but she convinced me to purchase a Nutcracker instead. It ended up being a nice little prop in the pictures. 

We really enjoyed this year's performance. I think that it was the best one yet! I also enjoyed spending the afternoon with this little doll and having this special time together.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Date with My Little Mister

Since Chloe decided that she really wanted to watch The Nutcracker ballet with only me, I decided that Evan and I should have our own special date. (I didn't want him to feel left out.)

We decided on dinner and a movie.

Evan loves breakfast food, so I took him to Waffle House for dinner. Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?! My hubby is not a fan, so this was Evan's first Waffle House experience, and he loved it. According to Evan, "They have the 'crunchiest' bacon!"

After dinner, we headed to the movies to watch "The Peanuts Movie."

Here is my attempt at a selfie. I didn't intend to thumbs-up the camera. That was just me lifting my finger off the the button. Ha!

Evan was in movie-heaven.

We really enjoyed our mother-son date. Although the kids and I tend to do a lot of weekend activities together, I cherish the times that we have one-on-one time. Somehow, it seems more meaningful. I loved sharing new experiences and teaching my son to let ladies go first:)

Stay tuned for my post about my date with Chloe. 

All Aboard the North Pole Express, Part III

We decided to board the Heart of Dixie Railroad Musuem's North Pole Express again this year.

We managed to stay dry this time, which was definitely an improvement from our 2013 journey.

We met a friendly elf in the parking lot upon our arrival at the train station.

You know me! I couldn't resist taking a few pictures while we waited on our train's arrival. Chloe dressed her doll, Marin, in matching pj's.

We boarded our train and eagerly waited to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus. Meanwhile, we took more pictures!:)

And, elves kept us company.

Finally, it was our turn to meet and chat with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Chloe asked for a real bow and arrow. Evan asked for action figures.

Then, it was time for milk and cookies!

It's always a fun trip for Chloe and Evan. However, I think that Chloe may be questioning her belief in Santa. She hasn't mentioned anything to me directly, but my mom-sense tells me that there is a little less magic this season. I think she goes along with the charade for Evan's sake. She really is a good big sister. I guess it's fine with me (sniff), as long as she knows the real reason that we celebrate this season, the birth of our Lord and Savior.

As for Evan, I can still see the magic of the season in him...