Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Date with My Little Mister

Since Chloe decided that she really wanted to watch The Nutcracker ballet with only me, I decided that Evan and I should have our own special date. (I didn't want him to feel left out.)

We decided on dinner and a movie.

Evan loves breakfast food, so I took him to Waffle House for dinner. Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?! My hubby is not a fan, so this was Evan's first Waffle House experience, and he loved it. According to Evan, "They have the 'crunchiest' bacon!"

After dinner, we headed to the movies to watch "The Peanuts Movie."

Here is my attempt at a selfie. I didn't intend to thumbs-up the camera. That was just me lifting my finger off the the button. Ha!

Evan was in movie-heaven.

We really enjoyed our mother-son date. Although the kids and I tend to do a lot of weekend activities together, I cherish the times that we have one-on-one time. Somehow, it seems more meaningful. I loved sharing new experiences and teaching my son to let ladies go first:)

Stay tuned for my post about my date with Chloe. 

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