Saturday, September 13, 2014

I'm Still Here! {August Recap}

I have no excuses...just taking a bit of a blog break.

Of course, the lure of my blog and my love of documenting our little lives didn't keep me away for long.

August was a busy month with us getting back into our school year routine.

We celebrated a birthday with Nana in the country. Luke (our not so little puppy) came along with us. Can you see him spying on us through the window as we sang Nana "Happy Birthday"? Such a creeper:)

In all seriousness, we are so blessed to have this woman in our lives. We love you, Nana!

We also attended sweet Chloe's 7th birthday party!

I didn't take any pictures of the party decor, but Chloe's mom always pulls of the cutest party themes!

We celebrated my favorite little carrot top's first birthday with a Minnie Mouse themed party!

My favorite part of any first birthday party is the cake smash and adorable Shelby did not disappoint.

Thanks Shelby for including us in your special day!

Chloe met her new teacher, Mrs. Wannamaker, at Open House! (I guess this outfit will officially be Chloe's "meet-the-teacher outfit" until she outgrows it.

We kicked off our school year with a back-to-school picnic. I had planned to have our back-to-school lunch at home like we did last year {seen here}, but Chloe threw out the idea of having a picnic. It was a last minute idea and I wasn't prepared to have an outdoor feast, but since it was her idea, I couldn't resist.

We ended up having our picnic at the Riverfront. It was very busy and hot on this day, but we found a shady spot and table under the pavilion. It was a little impersonal because of all the foot traffic due to a wakeboard competition. Next year, I plan to have our picnic in a nice quiet park under some nice shady trees:)

The littles opened their bts gifts. Chloe received new uniforms, since she is required to wear them this year. Evan received a new lunch bag and a couple of new school shirts. These are things that I would have had to purchase for them anyways, but it's fun to present them in this way as special gifts for the new school year.

The following Monday was Chloe's first day of Kindergarten. {First day picture seen here}

We walked her to her classroom door before sending her off...

...and leaving Chloe in her new teacher's capable hands.

She had a great first day and has been excited about learning and school ever since that day! I'm most impressed by how much her reading skills have improved in just one month.

The following Wednesday, Evan had a get-acquainted hour with his new teacher, Mrs. Helms, and his new class. 

We had a bit of a rough start that morning. My shy boy wasn't sure about Chris and I leaving him in this new surrounding. Bless his heart. I was a little surprised at his reaction, especially since he already knew Mrs. Helms because she was Chloe's preschool teacher last year.

He was all smiles as he left that morning and he did much better on his first official day of school when only Daddy dropped him off.


I wasn't scheduled to return to work until that afternoon, so we had the whole morning. We went to the park of Evan's choosing.


We also let Evan pick our lunch spot. He picked Burger King:)

Evan's first half-day of school went smoother. {First day picture seen here}

I wasn't there on this morning, but Chris took these pictures to satisfy my mommy heart.

That wraps up our August. My mission this weekend is to get some summer posts up, so check back soon:)