Friday, May 22, 2015

Chloe's Last Day of Kindergarten

Here we are, less than a week away from the start of a new school year and I have yet to share Chloe's first day/last day pictures! I've been a total blogging slacker. I hope to have a few more summer posts up soon as well. (I'll be back-dating this post, so that it doesn't seem out of place if I ever get around to printing blog books in the future.)

Chloe's last day of Kindergarten was May 22, 2015.

Where does the time go?! Chloe lost her bangs during the school year and shot up a few more inches. She's longer and leaner, but that's mostly due to her love of all things outdoors. She has the bug bites, scrapes, and bruises to prove that! Her face is also more mature to me. She's turning into lovely little lady. (I would say a few more words, but I need to save some for her first day of 1st grade post:))

Since I'm in the blogging mood this evening, I thought that I'd also share her Kindergarten Honors Program.

" I see you!" I love the smile that Chloe flashed when she saw the fam and Nana in the balcony.

Chloe received her Kindergarten diploma from her teacher. She was announced by her teacher, Mrs. Wannamaker, but presented her award by the Principal.

She was also went on stage a second time when she was presented with a Principal's Award for making all G's (or A's). She was one of three kids in her class to receive it. To say that this momma's heart was bursting with pride would be an understatement. I'm so proud of my girl for her successful completion of kindergarten and first grade curriculum in one year! Since she attends an academic magnet school, she will be completing second grade curriculum during her first grade school year.

The finale was "First Grade, First Grade," set to the the tune of "New York, New York," being sung by all of the Kindergarten classes.

It was such a proud and sad moment realizing that my baby girl is growing up. She has a good head on her shoulders and goes into this world with such confidence; I know that she'll do just fine. I can't believe that I'll have a first grader in less than a week! Eek!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

May the Force Be with You! {Evan's 5th Birthday}

We celebrated Evan's birthday a little early this year with a Star Wars themed party on Saturday!

Evan decided that he wanted to have his 5th birthday party at the Planetarium, just like big sister Chloe on her 5th birthday. I thought that it might be cute to have a space-themed party since it would be at the Planetarium, but while looking for party ideas on Pinterest, Evan decided that he'd much rather have Star Wars party. Yes. My boy loves Pinterest...and party planning! Ha!

Here were a few detail shots of the party that I took before it started. (The free collage maker that I once used is no longer free, so I'll be posting them individually. If anyone has any recommendations for a collage maker that I can use from my laptop, please let me know:))

We also served "Yoda Soda" and and "Luke Skywater". 

Check out the awesome cake that a local baker made for us!

We decided to take a few pictures before the party...because we always forget once the party starts.

I just don't seem to have luck with birthday banners.

I couldn't resist putting up Chloe's hair in little side buns! (Gwen Stefani's "Harajuku Girl" keeps playing in mind when I see these pictures of Chloe.)


Chloe had had enough pictures at this moment! Can you tell?

Then, the party began!

The light sabers I made from pool noodles, and Evan's number one reason for picking this party theme, were a big hit! Literally!

The birthday boy getting ready to blow out his candles - Thank you for taking a moment to satisfy this picture-taking momma's heart.

Then, it was time for the show.

I wasn't able to take many good pictures due to the darkness and my shutter speed, but here were a few of my captures.

The hallway leading to the planetarium was very cool.

The birthday slideshow

We had such a good time, especially the birthday boy! We had a lot of different activities to compete with in the month of May, but were so appreciative of the friends and family that came out to make Evan's party epic! May the Force be with you!

Birthday Invitation Printable found on Etsy -
Tent Card and Banner Printables found on Etsy -

Friday, May 8, 2015

Evan's Last Day of Preschool & End of the Year Party!

Guess who's big boy had his last day of Preschool?

Evan's last day was May 7, 2015. The first day-last day side by side comparison is always a must!

Look at how much taller he is! He is definitely going to be tall, dark and handsome, just like his Daddy. It's amazing to see how much his face has matured. I'm seeing a lot more boy and a lot less baby:( He still had his summer tan going in his first day picture. Ha! I'm sure it will be back by the end of this summer, though:)

Evan's preschool class ended the school year with an end of the year party at United Gymstars, a local gymnastics's facility. You may remember that Chloe's preschool class had their end of the year party at the same place.

The parents weren't allowed on the floor, so we watched and took pictures from a distance.

We took one final class photo.

Afterwards, the kids enjoyed Italian ices in the party room. The boy sitting next to Evan was his favorite classmate. Evan said that he would miss seeing Ben the most of all:(

Evan gave Mrs. Helms a big hug as he said his "goodbyes" to her (blue lips and all). 

Mrs. Helms was the answer to many of my prayers for Evan this school year. He has struggled throughout the year with his confidence, but she was always so patient with him. As a parent, you realize that the way you nurture one child is completely different from the way you nurture another child. Of course, you love them both the same. She was exactly the preschool teacher that my shy, analytical Evan needed, just like she was exactly the teacher that my outgoing, self-motivated Chloe needed the year before. I love how she "got him."

Evan will certainly miss Mrs. Helms and his friends. However, Chris and I have made some decisions regarding Evan's education and we really feel like it will allow Evan the best start possible. We've decided to keep him at the same school for Kindergarten, so he will still see Mrs. Helms and some of his friends next year. I'm so glad that we (yes, it's a joint effort) have Preschool 4 under our belts and I'm excited to see what Evan's future holds.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Easter Blessings

Our blessed little Easter weekend started on Good Friday. The littles had the day off from their respective schools and I got off work a little early that day, so we decided to join some of our church members for an Easter egg hunt in a neighborhood park. Our church was hosting an Easter egg hunt on the following Saturday, but the littles had a soccer game during that hunt, so this was an excellent alternative!

Since I was taking off early on Good Friday, I decided to bring the littles with me to work that morning. My sweet coworker Elizabeth was passing out little goody baskets made from cupcake liners and Chloe and Evan received one, too.

After a few hours at work, we headed to the park. The kids played on the equipment for a while and then it was time for the hunt. The big kids went first.

And they're off!!!

I was able to snap some better pictures of Evan's preschool-aged group.

Look, Momma! A pirate egg!


Much to Chloe's dismay, I made them take a couple of pictures with their Easter baskets.

Evan was more obliging.

The big kids also hunted Resurrection Eggs. Each of the eggs was numbered and Ms. Jerusha did a great job of telling the true story of Easter by using the Resurrection Eggs.

We decided to dye our Easter eggs that afternoon . I let Chloe and Evan each pick out their own egg dyeing kits. Chloe picked a kit with a roller to spread the dye and Evan picked a glitter egg dye kit. That's my boy, always about the flash!

That evening after the littles had gone to bed, I set up our Easter baskets. Momma Bunny got Luke (our dog) a basket, too. After seeing how much he enjoyed the goodies in his Christmas stocking, I couldn't resist. I also got Chris a new shirt and tie for Easter Sunday.

The littles were pretty excited to go through their baskets the following morning.

Spoiler Alert! Evan is celebrating his 5th Birthday with a Star Wars themed party, so I decided to include some Star Wars toys in his and Chloe's baskets. The light sabers were a big hit!

We cleaned up pretty nice on Easter Sunday:) Can you believe that this picture almost didn't happen?! One of the sweet ladies at church offered to take a family picture as we were leaving. Thank you, Dana, if you happen to read this.


After service that morning, Chris headed to bed since he had worked that night. The littles and I headed to a family gathering and hunt with Chris's extended family. Here were some of my favorites from the day.

Nana and Granddaddy met us there.

Nana Bunny never forgets to bring the littles Easter baskets!

That was our sweet and ordinary, but very blessed, Easter. As Christians this rings true for us any day of the year...He is risen! He is risen, indeed!