Friday, April 1, 2016

Easter Snapshots

Another weekend of celebrating our risen Lord and Savior has passed. I hope that everyone had a Blessed and Happy Easter!

On Good Friday, we kicked off our weekend festivities with some spend-the-night company, my best friend's daughter, Carly. The azaleas were blooming all throughout our neighborhood and I took advantage of this perfect spring backdrop. I gave the girls early Easter gifts, matching dresses and doll dresses, so a photo shoot was in order. I loved how the photos turned out.

We didn't leave Evan out, completely!

We spent the rest of the evening playing, eating pizza, and watching movies.

The following morning, we woke up bright and early to help with our church's annual Easter egg hunt.

The heavy rain held off, but it was still a gloomy morning. I snapped these pictures before the egg hunt.

Chloe had the silly face down pat: crossed eyes, sideways tongue, and flared nostrils. Ha!

They enjoyed playing on the inflatables.

Evan was so excited when his friend, Greyson, along with his mom and baby sister showed up.

He always makes me smile.

Carly, Evan, and Greyson hunted eggs in the same age group. During the egg hunting madness, these were the best shots that I was able to get.

Evan made out like a bandit.

Then, it was Chloe's turn to hunt eggs.

Sadly, none of them found the special egg to get an Easter basket this year like in years past. However, they all enjoyed the egg hunt.

Later that afternoon (after Momma took a nap;)), we dyed Easter eggs.

I was looking rough (as we call it in the South), but it's nice to have photographic evidence that I'm present during these activities every once in a while.:)

On Easter Sunday, the kids woke up excited to go through their Easter baskets. Of course, I didn't leave out our fur baby, Luke.


Due to a family emergency, Carly ended spending the day with us on Easter, too. (Don't worry. The Easter Bunny made a trip to Carly's house, too.) 

We had our special Easter breakfast, Bunny in a Hole.

We were running late for church that morning, but I was able to snap these pictures of the kids in their Sunday best, right before we loaded into the car and it began to rain.

The girls got a chance to jump into the candy ball pit after church, since Chloe had invited Carly to the egg hunt and brought her to church that morning. More candy!

I had intended for us to take a family picture, but when we got home, I went straight to the kitchen to prepare lunch for my mother and brothers who were on their way. By the time we had eaten, the kids had already changed, so that they could play in the backyard.:( There is always next year.

Evan knows my heart so well. " Momma, did you want to take pictures of me in my bunny ears with my Easter Bunny, since you didn't get a chance to this morning?"

Lots of fun memories were made. We certainly enjoyed our Easter weekend. More importantly, we are so thankful for our risen Lord and Savoir that He made a way for us to join Him in heaven one day. He is risen. He is risen, indeed.