Friday, May 22, 2015

Chloe's Last Day of Kindergarten

Here we are, less than a week away from the start of a new school year and I have yet to share Chloe's first day/last day pictures! I've been a total blogging slacker. I hope to have a few more summer posts up soon as well. (I'll be back-dating this post, so that it doesn't seem out of place if I ever get around to printing blog books in the future.)

Chloe's last day of Kindergarten was May 22, 2015.

Where does the time go?! Chloe lost her bangs during the school year and shot up a few more inches. She's longer and leaner, but that's mostly due to her love of all things outdoors. She has the bug bites, scrapes, and bruises to prove that! Her face is also more mature to me. She's turning into lovely little lady. (I would say a few more words, but I need to save some for her first day of 1st grade post:))

Since I'm in the blogging mood this evening, I thought that I'd also share her Kindergarten Honors Program.

" I see you!" I love the smile that Chloe flashed when she saw the fam and Nana in the balcony.

Chloe received her Kindergarten diploma from her teacher. She was announced by her teacher, Mrs. Wannamaker, but presented her award by the Principal.

She was also went on stage a second time when she was presented with a Principal's Award for making all G's (or A's). She was one of three kids in her class to receive it. To say that this momma's heart was bursting with pride would be an understatement. I'm so proud of my girl for her successful completion of kindergarten and first grade curriculum in one year! Since she attends an academic magnet school, she will be completing second grade curriculum during her first grade school year.

The finale was "First Grade, First Grade," set to the the tune of "New York, New York," being sung by all of the Kindergarten classes.

It was such a proud and sad moment realizing that my baby girl is growing up. She has a good head on her shoulders and goes into this world with such confidence; I know that she'll do just fine. I can't believe that I'll have a first grader in less than a week! Eek!

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