Friday, May 8, 2015

Evan's Last Day of Preschool & End of the Year Party!

Guess who's big boy had his last day of Preschool?

Evan's last day was May 7, 2015. The first day-last day side by side comparison is always a must!

Look at how much taller he is! He is definitely going to be tall, dark and handsome, just like his Daddy. It's amazing to see how much his face has matured. I'm seeing a lot more boy and a lot less baby:( He still had his summer tan going in his first day picture. Ha! I'm sure it will be back by the end of this summer, though:)

Evan's preschool class ended the school year with an end of the year party at United Gymstars, a local gymnastics's facility. You may remember that Chloe's preschool class had their end of the year party at the same place.

The parents weren't allowed on the floor, so we watched and took pictures from a distance.

We took one final class photo.

Afterwards, the kids enjoyed Italian ices in the party room. The boy sitting next to Evan was his favorite classmate. Evan said that he would miss seeing Ben the most of all:(

Evan gave Mrs. Helms a big hug as he said his "goodbyes" to her (blue lips and all). 

Mrs. Helms was the answer to many of my prayers for Evan this school year. He has struggled throughout the year with his confidence, but she was always so patient with him. As a parent, you realize that the way you nurture one child is completely different from the way you nurture another child. Of course, you love them both the same. She was exactly the preschool teacher that my shy, analytical Evan needed, just like she was exactly the teacher that my outgoing, self-motivated Chloe needed the year before. I love how she "got him."

Evan will certainly miss Mrs. Helms and his friends. However, Chris and I have made some decisions regarding Evan's education and we really feel like it will allow Evan the best start possible. We've decided to keep him at the same school for Kindergarten, so he will still see Mrs. Helms and some of his friends next year. I'm so glad that we (yes, it's a joint effort) have Preschool 4 under our belts and I'm excited to see what Evan's future holds.

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