Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day Fun!

Last week, we were hit with our first snow of the year...Actually, it has been a few years since we've seen snow.

Here were a few photos from our snow day!

The ice-covered holly bushes that line the front of our house were beautiful.

Oh, and the icicles. Please keep in mind that we (Alabamians) don't get to see this side of mother nature very often, so we tend to be in awe of its beauty.

Snow-covered leaves- I love all the greenery hidden beneath the snow.

I'm sad that we didn't have enough snow to make a snowman, but we did enjoy the snow while it lasted.

Chloe catching snowflakes- These next few were some of my favorites from the day. :)

My handsome boy

" Momma, please let us go out again (for the umpteenth time)."

Our "frosted" house:)

That was our snow day. The littles really enjoyed it, but they love anything new and different. 

I hate to make light of such a tragic and horrible day for some. We just weren't equipped to handle ice-covered roadways and some areas weren't expecting the rain, sleet, and snow. (Yes. We had all three in one day.) I know that many had to be on the roads, including myself, for work. My heart and prayers go out to anyone who lost a loved one or was injured during this time. Although I did love playing in the snow with my littles, I'm glad that it has come and gone. See you a few years!


  1. I can't imagine only getting snow every few years :) I am sooo tired of it! We got hit today/yesterday, will get a small storm on Sat. and a BIG storm on Monday! Yuck! This is a lot more then we normally get, this Winter has been overkill :) Your kids look so, SO excited about the snow!

    1. To be honest, I really wish that we would have had a big storm. I was looking forward to snowball fights and building a snowman...maybe in a few years. We were excited about the little bit of snow that we did get, though :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! Being a Georgia girl, I get very excited to see icicles, and snow. Also don't mind seeing it just once a year or so. :) Glad you guys were safe!

    1. Thanks, Katie! I really enjoyed your pictures too.

  3. I just love how you captured the snow on the holly and the hanging icicles!

    Chloe and Evan look like precious snow buddies.

    1. Thanks, Carlene! I noticed the icicles on my way up the steps and thought that they were beautiful. I knew that I had to take a picture.