Sunday, February 16, 2014

January Recap

Since I didn't blog much at all in the month of January, I decided to do a recap the month.

I guess it would only be right to start off with our New Year's Eve.

We said good-bye to my sweetest co-worker and dear friend, Carlene. To be honest, I don't think that I've come to terms with the fact that she is gone...I pretend that she is on an extended vacation and one morning she is going to pop by my cubicle to say "hi!" I'm going to make good on my promise to invade your new home one day, Carlene!;)

I brought the littles by work to say their good-byes on her final day of work.

Then, I found an excuse to stop by her house for one last visit on New Year's Day!

On New Year's Eve, we also sent our boys off to the BCS National Championship.

Brantley and Maddy joined us! They were visiting family in Montgomery, but live in Huntsville, so this was a treat for us.

What you don't see in these pictures (well, maybe you can tell by Evan's expression) were the complaining littles. It was much colder than I was expecting and  we were a little under-dressed for the weather. We lasted just long enough to watch the firsts sets of planes load.

Unfortunately, we didn't "bring home the crystal," but I wasn't disappointed. We had an amazing season, a season of miracles. We went from being an unranked team to playing for a National Title. Not too shabby. I'm proud of our boys and " I (still) believe in Auburn and love it."

On  New Year's Eve, we had our own family celebration at home.

The first photo was a phone picture. Please ignore the lack of quality.

We also celebrated a few birthdays in January.

We celebrated with our New Year's Day baby, Gabe:) 

Phone pictures, again...This is why I hate leaving my "good camera" at home.

Gabe's cousin, Jessica, gave him the most creative present, balloons filled with money.

We celebrated sweet Maevelyn's birthday with a dress-up party.

Chloe and Maeve

We also celebrated two birthdays at Pump-It-Up, a space filled with inflatables for the kids to enjoy...on the same day!

Chloe's classmate, Ansley, had a party.

And, pretty Cason had a glow party. This was a treat for the littles and they had so much fun. They couldn't understand why we had to leave when the party was over. Since it was Chloe's second party of the day there, she suggested that we crash another birthday party. She's a mess, I tell ya'.

In addition, Chloe and Evan earned 6 more badges each for memorizing Bible verses in Rainbows.

 Finally, Chloe is officially playing her first organized sport. (Details coming soon.)

Chloe, the soccer player

January tends to be a busier month for me at work and consignment sale take-ins start in this month as well, so they consume much of my time, hence the lack of blogging. These were just a few of highlights from January. I hope that you enjoyed:)

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