Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's Great to be an Auburn Tiger!!!

Randomly, a couple of Saturdays ago, we decided to take a 45 minute drive to Auburn to watch the Auburn vs. Western Carolina game.

Since the game wasn't being televised (except on pay-per-view) and the hubby had been itching to watch a game in Jordan-Hare Stadium, we figured that there was no time like the present. We found a few cheap tickets on StubHub.com, printed them, and we were set to go.

I loved watching the littles excitedly running up the stadium ramps. I've always loved the excitement of watching Auburn football and I hope to pass that on to my children when they continue the tradition of cheering on Auburn from the student section one day;)

The littles attended their first Auburn game last year, which can be seen {here}. It was the first home game of the season and the littles were hot. Children and heat don't mix, so they were ready to go almost as soon as we sat down.

The weather was nice on this day. It was warm, but not unbearably hot.

We also kept moving, so Chloe and Evan didn't get too bored. The seats that we purchased were in the nosebleeds, which worked out well for us. We walked to the highest row of the stadium where the littles could run off some steam. Also, I got some great photos from this angle, which is always a plus in my book!

We eventually made our way to the ramp where we watched the end of the game.

Touchdown Auburn!!!

I have to say, I'm beyond proud of my Auburn Tigers this year. We have more heart and fight in us than I've seen in a few years! The game was great, but it wasn't as exciting, only because it was a complete shut-out. We won the game 62 to 3. (There have been some pretty intense games this season.) It's great to be an Auburn Tiger! War Eagle!!!


  1. Love her cheerleader outfit and pom poms! SO Cute!

  2. The "nosebleed section" pictures are priceless!