Sunday, October 20, 2013

Birthday Week!

I am so behind on events this month. What can I say? October is a busy month...
Chloe's birthday party was the weekend before her actual birthday on the 10th. I promise that I will share the details, but here is a little sneak peek.
The week of her birthday, we had a few mini-celebrations.
It was Chloe's turn to bring snack to Rainbows (her Wednesday night church group), so we decided to make the snack a little more festive by bringing some birthday partyware and doughnuts to share.
The kids were so sweet and sang "Happy Birthday." Chloe was trying to fight back a smile (I guess she didn't want to seem smug) and ended up looking a little awkward as the other kids sang to her.
On Thursday, she brought a special snack (doughnuts, again:)) to preschool in celebration of her 5th birthday. She decided on a Sofia the First theme for this celebration. She wore a cute Sofia outfit and we brought Sofia plates and napkins. Chris and I were not allowed to attend, but her teacher was kind enough to send me this photo of her during snack time.
However, we were allowed to attend chapel on Friday, where the children with birthdays during the week were called on stage to be recognized.

If you know anything about my little mess, then you know that she loves to be on stage.

Chloe said a few words and told us that she loved us:) Afterwards, we sang "Happy Birthday" to all of the kids on stage.

And, the birthday kids were invited to stay on stage to dance to one of their chapel songs. Chloe accepted the invite;)

I was able to snap this quick shot of my littles before I had to leave to go back to work.

I would say that this little lady thoroughly enjoyed her birthday week! We are so blessed!

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  1. Happy 5th Birthday, Chloe!
    Looks like she had a great birthday this year!