Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Pirate & A Princess Birthday Party {Madeline's 5th Birthday}

So, I should totally be in bed asleep right now because we have a busy day tomorrow, but I'm still trying to catch up the old blog...

A couple of weekends ago, we celebrated sweet Madeline's 5th birthday! Her mom, Amanda, picked the cutest theme, a pirate and a princess.
Here are my pirate and my princess!
We played in the park and ate yummy food!

Look at that face! Daddy made him stand up, but he quickly decided that he'd rather be sitting.

I'm not quite sure what the kids were doing out in this field, but it looked to be yoga poses...

(I really wish that I would have gotten a picture of the food table and adorable snacks (yes, snacks can be adorable!) for all those searching party decor inspiration.)

Afterwards, we sang "Happy Birthday" to the birthday princess:)

And, I got a few more photos!

The birthday girl and family

My littles and I
Girlfriends! I love these two girls! It's so sweet to see how well they get along.

We're so glad that we got to share in your special day, Madeline! Thanks inviting us!


  1. Your kids have had a lot of really neat bday parties to go to lately! So fun!!

  2. After reading your blog for many months, I would like a "mulligan" and have the chance to do my kids' birthdays and such all over again. I would use your ideas. You are so creative, talented, and apparently a whole lot of FUN!