Sunday, October 13, 2013

Greyson's 2nd Birthday

October has been a busy month, so expect a few more blog posts this week. It seems like a lot of birthdays fall in this month as well.
Immediately following Chloe's birthday party, we attended Greyson's 2nd Birthday party! Tenesha, Greyson's mom, is a momma after my own heart. She is so creative and loves to plan parties! We joke about arranging a marriage between Greyson and Chloe, since we think that Greyson has a little crush on Chloe. I think that secretly we know that by joining forces, we could plan the wedding of the century! What?! You wouldn't want your mother and mother-in-law to plan your wedding?! Ha!
Anyways, it was such a cute party!

We arrived at the party just in time to watch the birthday boy blow out his candles. And, I actually got to sit down and eat at this birthday party;) Tenesha made this adorable birthday tee for Greyson. You can visit her awesome etsy shop, {aqualime}, where you can find other options for monogrammed tees and more. 
The kids enjoyed running around  and playing with paper airplanes!

We attempted to get a group shot, which provided several minutes of amusement...just imagine trying to get ten plus kids, 5 years old and under, to stand still long enough to take a group photo. This was the best photo that I managed to get, but it doesn't include all the kids at the party.

However, I did manage to get a very cute one of my littles.

Afterwards, Greyson opened up his gifts. This was our gift to Greyson. I just love Greyson's expression in this photo as if he's telling Chloe that he "will cherish the car forever, since it was a gift from her." Hee hee! and my wild imagination!

And, just one more cute photo that I had to throw in:)

Oh, these were such fun/ny memories! Thanks for including us in your special day, Greyson!

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