Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Signs of Fall & A Baseball Birthday Party

I'm dying to write about the details of Chloe's 5th birthday that we celebrated this past weekend, but I'm waiting for my official party photographer, A.K.A. my baby brother, to send me some of photos that he took at the party. *ahem* I know that he was able to get some better party shots while I was busy running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Ha! Most of my family and friends have Facebook, so I'm sure that they're spent on party photos anyways;) I'll wait until I have everything I need to create a "proper" post.

So until then, I'll catch you up on other events...

I love this time of year! Fall has always been my favorite season, although it starts later here in Montgomery, Alabama. In fact, this is the first cool week that we've had all season. I love waking up to the brisk fall air!

We recently attended Caylin's birthday party. The party was held at a baseball field. At the party, the girls began gathering acorns in the park. I guess I really hadn't realized that we were beginning the fall season until that moment. Here are a few nuts that Chloe gathered.

This is a totally random thought, but when Chloe was younger, she would constantly take bags and fill them with random objects, toys, leaves, dirt, get the picture. I never really understood this habit until I read an article about little girls and their "gathering instincts." Suddenly, the world made perfect sense.

I guess that we (women) never really shake this instinct. The girls are pooling their acorns together in this photo.
Caylin had a quick birthday celebration under one of the picnic shelters...
...And then, it was time to play some ball. 
Chloe really took to the game, so I'm pretty sure that we'll be signing her up for t-ball in the spring. In fact, she had Chris outside every afternoon the week prior to the party to practice catching. Now that's dedication!

Meanwhile, Evan enjoyed playing in the park.

After a while, Evan came around and decided that he would try to hit a few. We did have to pull out the tee for him. He looked so cute, big bright pink helmet and all;)
We had a fun day at the ball field! Thank you to Caylin and her family for always including us in their celebrations! We always have such a great time!

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  1. Love the acorn pics! So cute! Def. sign Chloe up for t-ball in the Fall, Autumn LOVED it last year...!