Saturday, October 5, 2013

Vintage Barbie Girl! {Chloe's 5th Birthday}

I have a bad habit of starting a post, but taking for-ev-er to complete them, but this post by far is the the worst. In my defense, I was waiting on my brother to send me his pictures of the party. He always takes the best pictures, but due to "technical" issues, I never received them...and then, I just never got around to it. Here we are, three years later and closer to Chloe's 8th birthday than her 5th, and I still haven't shared the details of her 5th birthday party.

From the moment that I found out that I was having a baby girl, I had planned a Barbie themed 5th birthday party in my head. I'm like most parents today and am not a big fan of character themes, so I tried to find a less commercialized Barbie theme. Eventually, I settled on a vintage barbie theme and found a cute printable set on Etsy to bring my vision to life.

On Chloe's party day, she presented us with these name tags that she made from my leftover party scraps. She's a girl after my own heart:)

I was looking for a unique party place and picked the Planetarium as our venue. We set up quickly before our party guests arrived.

Our party set-up - I took these pictures as we were setting up. I straightened the birthday banner and added a few more cupcake toppers before the party began.

The Barbie cake was a MUST!

Chris made the most awesome life-sized Barbie box ever! I asked him to make one and showed him a few pictures that I had found on the web, but I never imagined anything like this.

It was a huge hit! (I created and edited a cute collage with the following pictures. As I was about to save, I realized that I picked a collage with a subscriber's fee. Ain't nobody got time/money for that, so these individual pictures will have to do.)

My picture with the littles in the Barbie box was taken with my brother's camera:(

Then, we partied!

And, Chloe opened her presents.

Shortly after, we headed into the Planetarium for the show!


These were a few pictures that I took during Chloe's birthday slideshow.

The party didn't end there. After the party, we headed home, but Aunt Sara had one more surprise! (It was a joint birthday gift for Chloe and Evan.)

Aunt Sara took a turn in the Barbie box.

This was my favorite theme to plan to date. Chloe had a great time and we were so glad that so many of our friends could make it. Happy 5th Birthday, my sweet, smart, and sassy Chloe!

Note: I'm back-dating this post to the date of Chloe's 5th birthday party, so it makes more sense in my blog timeline. Today's date is June 13, 2016. I'm finally publishing.

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