Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013: Tommy Land Style!

I have to back up a few weeks to the day that we decorated our front porch. I've left this out of any of my previous posts, but I really want to document it and share. And besides, it has to do with Halloween:) 

After a morning at the pumpkin patch, we stopped by Wright's Produce Stand to pick up some mums to decorate our porch for fall/Halloween. Afterwards, I tried to take a picture of my littles, but Chloe wasn't in a good mood because we didn't decorate the steps the way that she wanted.
Poor Chloe :( Is it bad that I keep laughing at this photo?
Later that evening, my mom came by to pick up the littles for a night out at Chuckie Cheese's. Chloe was in a better mood...
(We made the Hello Kitty pumpkin. I placed "her" on the steps in this picture since Chloe was wearing her Hello Kitty tee. However, she was a front porch decoration, since I didn't want to risk her getting wet. Her nose was placed a little lower than it should have been (there is no turning back with hot glue), but we think it turned out cute. I found a picture on Pinterest, but there wasn't an actual web link to a tutorial or source, so I may post a tutorial next October on how we made our Halloween Hello Kitty.)
Now on to the big day...
Evan was Buzz Lightyear. And, Chloe was Snow White.
I didn't notice that one of Evan's ears was sticking out until I started going through my pictures later. Ha! Also, it probably wasn't a good idea to let them have candy right before taking these pictures. Our new, and very sweet, neighbor dropped off buckets filled with candy and other goodies for each of them, so I couldn't resist.
We attended a Neighborhood Block Party that was being hosted by some church friends. It wasn't in our neighborhood, but we thought it would be fun to attend.
They had fun activities for the kids.
They also had a hayride which took the kids around the neighborhood to trick-or-treat.
That was our Halloween! I have enjoyed everyone's pictures of their Halloween festivities. I hope that everyone had a Happy Halloween!!!


  1. Most adorable Buzz and Snow I've ever seen.

  2. I love their costumes! Autumn would love that hello kitty pumpkin, it turned out so cute.

  3. Love Chloe's expression in the first pic! So funny she wanted to have it a certain way! LOL!