Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Feast

On Friday, Chloe's preschool class had their Thanksgiving Feast.

Each child got to pick between being an Indian or a Pilgrim for the feast. Since the school had a pow wow a couple of weeks earlier, and they had already made Indian costumes for each child, we decided that Chloe would be an Indian. The only problem was that I was not informed that she would have another opportunity to wear the costume and threw away her headdress. Before you jump to conclusion, please know that I usually save all of the littles' art projects (worksheets are another story). This just happened to be the one time...And of course, it would also be the one time that we would need to reuse an art project.

Chloe and I worked on a new headdress the night before the feast.

These were a few pictures that I snapped before school that morning.

At lunch, Chloe's preschool class had its Thanksgiving Feast, but not before stopping to take a class picture for all the mommas and daddies (okay, maybe just the mommas;)).

Then, it was time to feast! It's funny how Evan has become an honorary classmate of Chloe's preschool class. He even got his own plate at the feast:)

I really have to say that I am so impressed with Chloe's preschool and teacher. They make learning fun and engaging in a Christian environment. It's so sweet to hear Chloe's prayers at night about school and her classmates. We pray every night for kids that missed school that morning, that God will heal them or that they will have a safe trip, etc. We are so blessed and thankful for Chloe's school!


  1. Such a cute Indian costume! Not sure if you have an iPhone or a Smart Phone, BUT I found the coolest app for saving the kiddos artwork. It is called Artkive and you take a photo of each piece of artwork and it lets you save it under kids name & year of school. Then, after each year it lets you order a photo book (hard copy!) that ships to you and you can keep a little book of all of their art projects. It is so cool! I haven't printed a book yet, but this is the first year I have done it. I have heard pretty good reviews on it, tho. Then, I toss MOST of their artwork except for the extra cute things.

    1. That's an excellent idea! I have an iPhone so I definitely have to download that app...the bin is getting pretty full and Chloe is only 5 and Evan is only 3!!