Thursday, November 14, 2013

One More Birthday Party!:)

The first weekend in November wrapped up birthday party season. (I think.)

We attended a double birthday party for two of Chloe's preschool classmates, Frances Ann and Hayden. Nothing like going out with a bang!

Chloe has developed a special friendship with Frances Ann. Other than Chloe's normal school activities, Frances Ann is all I hear about when I get home from work in the afternoons.

It's so sweet to watch these two together. Chloe actually delayed her first trip to the American Girl store so that she could attend the birthday party. (I'll blog about that later.)

The littles had a fun time at the party. Although, I never managed to get a photo of them with the birthday boy:(


  1. Looks like a fun party! I am taking Autumn to American Girl THIS Thursday for her bday (insert squeals of delight!). I love your son's shirt!!

    1. Autumn will have the best time! I love Evan's shirt too. We had the same one last year and I always thought it looked so cute in the fall. I had to snatch a size up this year at the consignment sales.