Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day!

Chloe woke up bright and early on Christmas morning. Gee, I wonder why?;) Unfortunately, Chris and I got to bed pretty late. Chris assembled toys while I wrapped presents. Of course, we dragged ourselves and Evan out of our beds, so we could let the excitement of Christmas morning begin!

Chloe's big gifts from Santa were a karaoke machine and baby doll stroller.

Evan's big gifts from Santa were a train table and red ryder toy wagon. I figured he needed something to tote his stuffed animals around like Sissy.

The sock monkey refused to sit up. Evan claimed he was tired:)

Chloe had spotted a cute Hello Kitty wallet on our trip to Texas. She had just about convinced herself that Santa would forget the wallet, but guess what she found in her stocking?:)

The littles enjoying their presents!

I was feeling icky that morning, so after watching the littles play for a bit, I headed back to bed. I emerged a few hours later because my brothers were coming over Christmas evening dinner! (Lola was out of town visiting her boyfriend's family in Louisiana and attending a Saint's game.) We had a low-key night planned, left-overs from our first three Christmases and movies! My brothers also brought baby back ribs. Yum! We watched "Brave," one of Chloe's gifts from Nana, and we rented "Pitch Perfect," so funny!

Chloe and my youngest brother, Jose

Uncle Rob, Uncle Jose, and the littles!

Aunt Sara stopped by to drop off a few gifts from Aunt Lian (Chris'great-aunt) and visit. While here, she got a riveting performance of "Call Me Maybe!" Ha!

We weren't at our best, but I wanted a family pic!

I have to say, we had an awesome Christmas, filled with family, love, great food, and celebration of Christ's birth! Merry Christmas!

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