Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas with Grandmama

We spent Christmas Eve day with Grandmama (Chris' grandmother)! She is one of my favorite people. My only surviving grandparent lives in the Philippines, so she has really taken on the role of being my grandmother and is such a blessing in our lives!

As with all our family gatherings, we had a great lunch! (Funny that this sickness didn't taken away my healthy appetite. By this day, I was really beginning to feel bad.) The kids played for a bit and even stopped to pose for the cutest cousin photo!

The first photo was minus one, so we had a re-do with Baby Ace!

After a little play time, we opened presents, which was a real sight at Grandmama's!

Ohhh, Pez! These were Evan's favorite presents!

Evan showing off his goods to Grandmama! I had to sneak this one in;) If you know Grandmama, then you know that she doesn't like having her picture taken.

We also took a few family photos.

All of Grandmama's grandchildren!

Aunt Renee's children and grandchildren!

I'll spare everyone the rest because there were a lot taken that day:) Unfortunately, the ones of Chris, I, and our littles are on another camera, so I'll have to come back to add those pictures at a later date.

After a day at Grandmama's, we went to see the tacky lights at a house just a few blocks away from ours. I figured that this was one more Christmas activity that we could squeeze in. We only went to one house because we had a lot of preparation to do for Christmas morning. Our house looked like a tornado had hit it with all the running around we had done that week. Also, I was ready to get home and medicated! But believe me, this house had enough lights and decorations to make up for the rest of houses that we didn't get a chance to see!

Aunt Sara was sweet enough to join us on this last excursion and took a photo of us.

When we got home, we made sure to read our final Christmas book, one that Chris has read on Christmas Eve since Chloe was a newborn. I remember the first year we read it; Chloe cried the entire time. She wasn't an 'easy' baby, actually, she was down right fussy. This year there were no tears or screams, just two sweet littles sitting next to Daddy as he read 'The Christmas Story' about the birth of Jesus Christ!

This brings us to the final week of our reading list. Keep in mind, there were only 3 days (22nd-24th) in this week

Week 4 Reading List:

Day 1 - The Twelve Days of Christmas (Chloe and I sang this in our raspy sick voices. I think I see signs of the wall paint peeling.)
            - Santa's Toy Shop
Day 2 - We "read" two this night too. Nana read and recorded a sweet book for each of the littles
             Evan's book - The Night Before Christmas
             Chloe's book- The Very First Christmas
Day 3 - The Very First Christmas (Our Christmas Eve tradition! Same title and story, but it was a different book from the one above:))

We had just enough time to leave a plate of cookies and milk for Santa before we shuffled the littles to bed. The meds were starting to kick in, so I didn't do as well as I should have in recording our evening.

That was our Christmas Eve, family time with the ones we love and preparing for Santa! Merry Christmas!

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