Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

We've had the best time celebrating the season so far this month!

This is the first year that Evan understands what is happening around him! I must share this in the fear that I might forget this later. The morning of our North Pole Breakfast, Evan said "We're having a birthday party!" Chloe was quick to correct him saying, " It's not a birthday party. It's Christmas time!" This gave me the perfect opportunity to explain the TRUE reason for the season. I explained to the littles that in fact, we were celebrating a birthday, the most important birthday of all, the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. It has made the season all the more special that the littles now know why we celebrate! Although this has been explained to Chloe before, I don't think she quite grasped it. And, it may still have to be explained to Evan again next year:) However, it warms my mommy heart to hear Chloe ask questions like, " How old is Jesus going to be?" or " What year was Jesus born?"

This is also the first year that Chloe remembers our family traditions from last year! Sometimes as a mother, you feel like your effort is in vain. However, when she recalls something that we did last year, it makes me feel like she actually appreciated what we did and all the effort seems worth it, even if it's just for that one moment.

Okay, enough with my mommy banter...on to the fun stuff!

This December has been pretty warm. However, that hasn't stopped us from curling up with a book while drinking hot cocoa! I decided to make a Hot Chocolate Bar this year, equipped with marshmallows and peppermint candies. This idea was totally stolen from Pinterest. I know I read this somewhere, but who needs creativity, when there's pinterest!

Another idea that I totally ripped from pinterest was reading a Christmas book every night for the 24 days leading to Christmas. Now buying a new book, and 24 at that, can very costly. However, knowing that this was something I had planned to do with the littles, I bought used books at consignment sales on half-priced days. I bought 24+ books for the price of one new book!

Week 1 Reading List

Day 1 - Jingle Bells
Day 2 - Santa's on the Way (Too short)
Day 3 - Auntie Claus (My favorite)
Day 4 - Clifford's First Christmas (The littles' favorite)
Day 5 - Christmas with Angelina
Day 6 - Reindeer Flight School
Day 7 - Good King Wenceslas (Not a good read for little ones; I had to interpret)

Elfa has been on the move all this week and the littles love finding her in the morning. I love all the photos that I've seen of naughty elves making messes in the middle night, stealing sweets, etc. They really do give me a good laugh and I'm amazed at people's creativity, but I can't justify our elf, Elfa, doing bad things. If she is reporting back to Santa whether the littles have been naughty or nice, shouldn't she be setting a good example? That doesn't mean Elfa can't have fun and enjoy a sweet once in a while. The littles and I made Elfa powdered donuts, cheerios covered in confectioners sugar.

This day Elfa took her spot in what I call our "Capitol City Christmas Tree." Over the years I have collected Easter Seals ornaments, which each depict a well-known building or scene in Montgomery. It's hard to spot them in this photo, but they are beautiful ornaments and help fund such a worthy organization.

We also attended the Montgomery Christmas Parade, which prior to this year, has been the kick-off to our holiday season. We normally meet at the restaurant located in the building where I work and walk to the parade from there, but this year we had to alter our plans. The restaurant was closed for a private party, so we headed over to our favorite Italian restaurant, Saza's. It's amazing how quickly we got in and out. I guess eating dinner at 5 p.m. has its advantages.

As promised, I took a few photos with the littles at the parade.

The studio where Chloe just recently started taking dance classes was also in the parade. We decided not to let Chloe march with them this year, but I still had to get a shot of the group as they passed.

Chloe was fine with it, since it meant that she would be in the crowd catching candy. She was a little scavenger. After the parade line had passed, she and Evan went into the streets looking for more candy!

We admired the Capitol's Christmas tree and took a few photos.

That should have you all caught up on our first week of December. Maybe now, I can get caught up! I hope that everyone is enjoying the Christmas season!

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  1. Elfa powdered donuts? Where DO you get these adorable ideas? AH! I really love what you're doing with the Littles to celebrate the month of Christmas. If my kids were younger, I'd be "ripping" these ideas from you. You are THE MOM!