Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Trip to the Wadsworth Tree Farm

Since Chloe was born, we've had two Christmas trees, our "Capitol City" tree and our "Memory" tree!

The CC tree is an older artificial tree that was given to me by my father. It may be time to invest in a new one (for next year) and I'm thinking a white one would be beautiful.

The Memory tree has always been a live tree. Chris insisted that we have a real one each year when we bought our house over 4 years ago. I love the smell of a pine tree! It leaves the house smelling so fresh, which I'll be honest, is rare with two little ones.

This year we decided to cut down our own tree at Wadsworth Tree Farm.

Before we cut down our tree, we decided to survey the farm on the North Pole Wagon.

Equipped with a hand saw and wagon, we went on the hunt for our tree!

We went all over the property looking for the perfect tree, and ended up deciding on one of the first ones that we saw.
Our tree!
Daddy cutting down the tree!

The littles were so excited and Evan helped Daddy load the tree onto the wagon.
We had our tree baled.
There was time for one more photo before we left.
We finally decided on where to put our ginormous tree. To give you some perspective, we have 9-foot ceilings. This reminded me of a scene from Christmas Vacation. At the farm, I told Chris that I thought that the tree would be too big for our house. He said it would fit....
...just barely
I can't wait until we get home tonight, so we can get to work decorating our tree!

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