Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas at Nana & Granddaddy's with Pawpaw & Granny Kay

Rather than try to fit all of our Christmas family celebrations into one long post, I decided to break our four days of Christmas into four posts.

On Saturday, also my birthday!!!, we headed over to Nana and Granddaddy's (Chris' parents) for the first of four Christmas celebrations. We generally just have one get-together with this side of the family, but since Pawpaw and Granny Kay (Chris' grandfather and step-grandmother) were visiting from Oregon, Nana decided it would be nice to have a special day with them.

Before I go any further, I must throw out this disclaimer...I was battling the "Christmas crud" (cough and congestion) during all of these celebrations, which later developed into a sinus infection and bronchitis. (The littles also have runny noses, so I'm hoping that they remain fairly healthy.) Although I enjoyed each and every one of these celebrations as much as I could, most of my time was spent trying not to hack-up a lung and enjoying our time from the sidelines.

When we arrived at Nana's and Granddaddy's, I had a few birthday surprises waiting on me. They were so sweet, and it was nice to have a moment, aside from Christmas, to recognize my birthday. Thanks y'all!

We had some time to visit (although I enjoyed the babies from a distance because I didn't want to risk passing on the crud).

Papaw and Big Chloe! (Mine is "Little" Chloe)

Emma and Granny K

David and Ace

Baby Ace is getting big!

Little Chloe playing with Ace

Nana also let the kids change days on the Advent calendar by getting a piece of candy.

We ate a delicious lunch and then it was present time!

Pawpaw and Granny K's grands:)

Afterwards, the kids went outside to play on the tire swing and with their new toys! Nana and Granddaddy live on gorgeous family land. The scenery is beautiful!

As you can see, my camera still works even with the crud:) This was actually one of my better days. We all enjoyed the quality time with family, especially Pawpaw and Granny K, in celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior! Merry Christmas!

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