Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Our Halloween Family Fun Weekend, Part 1

That's what I officially named this past weekend as I asked Chris not to make any plans for the weekend.

It seems like we've had something planned every weekend for a while now. While we've enjoyed every minute of the fall activities, birthday celebrations, and quality time with friends, it was nice to have an "off" weekend and to try out a few of the great recipes and projects that I've pinned on my pinterest board and just relax:)

We started the day with a Haunted Brunch (Chris would laugh every time I said this)! As I mentioned, we were relaxing this weekend, so we slept-in as long as our little hearts desired...and we didn't wake up in time for breakfast.

I found this Baked Eyeball Eggs Casserole recipe on the Betty Crocker website {here}.

It was delicious. Although, to get the effect of blood-shot veins, I may try using a ketchup bottle with a narrower opening next time.

We also carried on our weekend's theme to the dining room table. (Please ignore the paper plates. They were shrink-wrapped so tight that they warped.) I gave the kids their trick-or-treat baskets and just a small gift from the Dollar Tree (Love that store!). Evan got a Halloween Pooh Bear paint set and Chloe got a Disney Princess set.

The kids couldn't wait to use their paint sets, so after brunch, they painted on the front porch.

 And then, Chris and I were entertained by a very emotional performance!

After a little more resting:), the Littles and I made caramel apples. I cheated and bought an easy Caramel Apple Kit from the grocery store. Although, I did find a simple "recipe" for making Dipping Caramel {here}.

Here was a quick picture of Chloe and I before making the apples.

And here was a little of the process.

If I had to do over again, I would have made the caramel. The kit caramel wasn't really made for adding toppings and I had to work to get our toppings to stick.

The Littles with our final creations! They snuck toppings the entire time we were making the apples. The evidence is all over their faces:)

And a close-up

One good choice that I did make was choosing Granny Smith Apples. I loved the tartness of the apples with the caramel!

Chris took a silly picture of us munching on our apples!

I really enjoyed our day at home and being able to actually try a few of the recipes/projects that I've wanted to do! We have more pictures to come from our weekend, so stay tuned!

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  1. Love seeing your "Littles" jamming on the instruments. :) Looks like another precious mother/children/father memory was made. Your eyeball casserole looks to "die" for! Baaahaahaaa!!!!!!