Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fair Day

The past few weekends have been pretty busy. I haven't really thought about it until now, but maybe we've been trying to make up for all the weekends that we haven't been able to spend together as a family because of Chris's previous employment.

However, all this quality time has left other areas of our lives a little lacking. Chris and I both needed a "catch-up" day, Chris needed to catch up on studying and I needed to catch up on work. Although I had Monday off in observance of Columbus Day, Lola (my mom) graciously agreed to take the Littles to the Fair. (Chloe still remembers the Fair from last year's visit, so she was especially excited when she heard the news.)

This was one of the first days of the season that I was able to break out the kids' fall outfits, so to mark this momentous occasion, I took pictures...of course!

Lola and Uncle Jose came by to pick up the Littles around lunchtime. They grabbed a quick bite to eat and off to the Fair they went.

They had a great time walking around and looking at the exhibits. (Photos courtesy of Uncle Jose)

They also got to meet the Cook's Pest Control mascot. I love Evan's expression/reaction! This is pretty much his reaction any time he meets a costumed character. Ha!

They visited the petting zoo.

And, did I mention the rides?! This is the Littles favorite part of the fair experience!

Lola and Chloe are quite a pair!

Lola also let Chloe try out this bungee contraption!

Thank you Lola and Uncle Jose for treating the Littles to the Fair and giving Chris and I a day to play catch-up. We all truly appreciated it!:)

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