Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Patch: A Phone Camera's Perspective

I love visiting the Pumpkin Patch each fall, not only for the fun family time, but for the great photo ops! One of our best family photos was taken at a pumpkin patch.

(Cue in big disappointment.)

Well, I didn't forget my camera before our thirty minute drive to the Dreamfield Farms Pumpkin Patch, but, I did forget to check and see if the battery was charged:( Luckily, we met a small group of friends from church at the pumpkin patch and they were gracious enough to snap a few family shots for us with their battery-charged cameras.

Of course, I did have my phone, so I took a few pictures with my phone's camera. They aren't quality photos by any stretch of the imagination (yet another argument for why I should get the iPhone 5 with its 8-megapixel camera;)), but they would have to do.

I liked this particular pumpkin patch because all the activities were included in the price of admission, and with a 50% off deal on the Deal Chicken website, the price could not be beat!

Our first stop was the inflatables. This first picture makes me laugh! She reminds me a little of Cindy Lou Who, with her striped tights and pigtails flying in the wind.

While attempting to take some pictures of Chris and the Littles, a kind lady offered to take a picture of the family. Score!

The scenery out at the farm was beautiful with lots of flowers and butterflies. I snapped this photo next to the snack bar.

There were tons of other activities for the kids to enjoy, including riding mini tractors...

Playing in the corn...

Water-pump rubber ducky races (You would have to see it to understand:))...

and playing in the haystacks/maze! This was my favorite photo of the day!

Of course, we rode the hay ride to the actual Pumpkin Patch. (A friend took a really cute family photo on the hayride. Once I get a few of the pictures taken by friends, I'll post them!)

Chloe and Evan picked out bigger pumpkins that we will carve this weekend, but they insisted on taking a picture with the small pumpkins. Chloe even convinced me to let her use her birthday money to buy the smallest pumpkin that she could find.

After the hayride, we had time for a few more activities. We fed the goats.

And, we talked to turkeys. This little turkey was so brave. He would come right up to fence. He also answered back to Chris' and the Littles' gobbles.

We had such a good time at the pumpkin patch! I can't wait for our visit again next year! ("Next year" is always the answer that we give Chloe when she asks when we are going to do something again.)

For someone who was disappointed about my camera being dead, I sure did manage to get quite a few pictures! And here are a couple of more to end my blog post:)

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