Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Strawberry Baskets

During our down time this past weekend, Chloe and I worked on little projects for her birthday party in a couple of weeks.

One of these projects was decorating the strawberry baskets that will hold our party favors.

I found vintage quart-size strawberry baskets on ebay. I wanted to give them a personal touch, so Chloe and I went to work.

First, Chloe painted the outside of the baskets with a whitewash. The measurements weren't exact, but it was a half acrylic white paint and half water mixture. Of course, I would do a little touch up after Chloe would finish painting each basket.

I wasn't sure about this next step, but Chloe convinced me that it would look good, so I gave it a try.

I dabbed just a small amount of red and white paint on a dry brush. Then, I lightly brushed small streaks of the paint over the white-washed baskets.

I'm glad that Chloe convinced me to do this because I was pleased with the finished product.

We then added the personalized stickers that I ordered from etsy (can't find the link).

I can't wait to add tissue paper and the party favors to these "sweet" baskets!

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