Monday, October 22, 2012

USO Sesame Street with Lola

Earlier today, Lola brought the Littles to a special live performance of Sesame Street.

I have a confession. My mom, A.K.A. Lola, celebrated another year of life earlier this week. I've been so preoccupied with Chloe's birthday party and work that it slipped my mind. My brother, Jose, had to remind me (after the fact). My mom is such a special person to me, and Chloe and Evan absolutely adore her. I was a little distraught when I realized that I didn't do anything on her birthday to let her know how special she is to us, EACH and EVERY day!

I saw that the Air Force Base was having a special Sesame Street performance in the Touch N' Go magazine a few weeks ago and had asked my mom to take the Littles. Lola called to tell me that she would be happy to take them. I figured that this was my opportunity to do a little something for her. I bought a little cake and card and as she walked through our front door the Littles and I sang Happy Birthday with piano accompaniment by Chloe:)

Before Lola arrived, the kids took a picture in their Elmo attire.

And when Lola arrived, they took another picture:)

Then off they went to watch Sesame Street with Lola and Uncle Jose!

They got these complimentary Elmo light toys at the show (and bandannas, not pictured). One thing that I do like about going to military events for kids is the freebies! You aren't nickled and dimed for the experience.

From the photos, it looked like they really enjoyed the show! Thanks Uncle Jose for taking these photos.

Evan's favorite Sesame Street character is Elmo. Here was the "man"of the hour.

Chloe's favorites are Abby and Zoe. Abby wasn't at this performance, but Zoe was!

I asked Chloe about the story (line), but she wasn't sure about what it was. It may be a little over her head at this age, but she and Evan loved the singing and dancing! I had read a little write-up prior to the show and it was about a military "brat," like me:), that was relocating. I thought it was the perfect show for military families, especially with young children.

Lola and the Littles took one more picture after the show.

Thank you Lola and Uncle Jose for taking Chloe and Evan on a little excursion today. It was nice to be able to get some work done without feeling guilty that the kids were at home itching for something to do. We love you Lola, each and every day! Happy Birthday!

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