Monday, October 1, 2012

Sophia's 5th Birthday!

The fam and I attended Sophia's 5th birthday party at Pump-It-Up this weekend!

With the music blaring and the kids bouncing off the walls (of the inflatables), I couldn't help but think that it reminded me of a club, a Kiddie Club! The kids were too busy running from inflatable to inflatable, so I was only able to get "action" shots here! No time to stop to pose for a picture when there was so much fun to be had!

Daddy had to show Evan the ropes, but it wasn't long before Evan got into the swing of things.

The Littles

My Big Kid:)

And, the Birthday Girl!!!

Chris decided to join Evan in the bouncy house and the kids wasted no time pelting him with balloons and  trying to tackle him. (Isn't this a scene from a movie! Ha!)

I was pleasantly surprised at how adventurous Evan was acting, very uncharacteristic of his cautious, and sometimes timid resistant, personality.

He even decided to go up the BIG slide all by himself.

He would slide down frontwards...

 ...and backwards!

(The kids and I FINALLY got our hair cut this weekend. Check out Little Man's cut!)

Chloe got in on the action too.

...and so did Daddy!

We took a group shot (sans Evan, he had reached his branching out limit) before heading into the party room.

And the birthday girl was caught stealing a kiss!

Then, it was time for cake in the party room!

Girls will be girls, just give one a hot pink cell phone!

After our day of partying, the kids and I were worn out. Thanks for the fun times and sharing your special day with us, Sophia!

Speaking of birthday parties and fun times, a certain special little lady will be celebrating her 4th birthday in less than two weeks. Here is a sneak peek of things to come.

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