Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A "Sweet" Birthday Celebration!

Chloe had a sweet vintage Strawberry Shortcake birthday party this past Saturday!

Since Chloe has a bit of a creative spark in her, we decided to celebrate her birthday at a local art studio/gift shop. The owner and operator of the store, Barb, is so talented and works so well with children.

We invited Chloe's girlfriends and a just few family members to the party. I wanted the party to be very girly, just like my Chloe.

The Littles spent the night with their Nana and Granddaddy, so I would have time to prepare for the party the following day, interruption free:) Their grandparents are always so accommodating and willing to watch the Littles whenever we need them. We are so grateful!

They arrived that day, giving me the perfect amount of time to get Chloe and Evan dressed and ready for the party before running out the door to set up the party. Aunt Sara also joined in on the pre-party AND she brought an awesome birthday surprise, a PINK baby grand piano, or as Chloe likes to call it, "pian-to."

After a quick set up, the birthday and party girls arrived.

The party started with a painting activity instructed by Barb!

(I had so many great party photos to choose from, thanks in large part to my dear brother, who has been deemed the official party photographer of my children's birthday parties. His work is wonderful!)

I made the cute party hats and many of the party decorations using strawberry printables that can be found on etsy, {here}.

Of course, we couldn't leave out little brother, even if he was a boy! He may have gotten just a little more attention from Barb and I:)

I decided on pumpkins for our painting project over strawberries since we were in the middle of October. I figured that the mothers could incorporate the paintings into their fall decor. Chloe's and Evan's are sitting on our mantle as I type.

Afterwards, we enjoyed some sweets, treats, and cake!

I didn't take any shots of the party spread prior to the party, but here are a few shots of the party table. We had mini strawberry cheesecakes, chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry bars, shortbread cookies, strawberry cookies, strawberry twizzlers, strawberry candies, strawberry lemonade, and just plain ol' strawberries! Do you recognize a theme?! I found the vintage strawberry shortcake trays on ebay for a steal and used a few of my milk glass pieces (wish I had more!) to keep with the vintage feel.

Oh, and the cake was to die for! Carol of Girl Meets Cake did an awesome job and the cake far exceeded my expectations.

Chloe later told me that her favorite part of the day was sitting on the porch eating and talking with her little girlfriends. She is such a little social butterfly!

We opened presents and Chloe got the Auburn Collegiate Barbie from Chris and I . These barbies have become my  favorite go-to gift!

We almost forgot, but with the party girls (and Evan) that still remained, we took a quick group shot of the pumpkin paintings. The sun was blaring at this point and this was honestly the best picture of the bunch.

It was an awesome day. Chloe and the family are so blessed in so many ways by our friends, family, and Him. We couldn't have asked for a better party!

Happy 4th Birthday to my sweet, smart, creative, social, and beautiful girl!

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