Saturday, December 6, 2014

Elves at Work {2014 North Pole Breakfast}

We continued our annual North Pole Breakfast tradition to welcome back our favorite scout elves, Elfa and Tiger. They arrived on December 1st. However, since the first was a Monday, I decided to hold off on the breakfast until the following Saturday. There would be no grumpy midnight decorating for me this year, like last year. ;)

As usual, I decorated after the littles had gone to bed. I snapped a few pictures before heading to bed myself.


Elfa and Tiger brought a letter for Chloe and Evan to "READ". To be honest, I intended to spell out "WE'RE BACK" with the m&m's, but didn't have enough for both words.

I set out a few sweets and decorations. The littles were obsessed with nutcrackers last year, so I thought it would be cute to add a couple of little nutcrackers (Dollar Tree finds) to our decor. I wasn't able to find fake snow during my hour-long lunch break, so I improvised with cotton balls. I ordered the elf cookies from an Etsy shop. They came all the way from Bulgaria!! And of course, I set out our favorite holiday candies, candy cane kisses!

The littles already knew that we were set to have our North Pole Breakfast that Saturday, but they were still pleasantly surprised to wake up to our little spread.

Our oven's heating element broke a couple of days before our breakfast, so my plan for a cinnamon roll Christmas tree was foiled, but Pinterest and frozen waffle Christmas trees came to the rescue...I also finally got around to making Grinch kabobs this year. It just so happened that "The Grinch" movie aired on ABC Family the night before our NPB. 

The littles got their new Christmas pj's, a seasonal shirt, and a new Hallmark ornament! I like this tradition of opening these presents the morning of our North Pole Breakfast, so that they can be enjoyed all season long.

The coveted Elsa ornament! (Sorry, it's so blurry!) Seriously, I was put on a wait list at Hallmark to purchase this ornament! The sales associate laughed when I mentioned the Olaf ornament, which apparently had been sold out since the beginning of November "with no chance of restock".

I picked the Grinch ornament for Evan, which had a recording of a few of my favorites lines from the book, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".

Our elf, Tiger, snuck in a little surprise into the the gift bags, Auburn ornaments! Chris is working on reflooring and painting the guest bedroom, so we can move Evan into his big boy room in the spring. I plan on putting up an Auburn-themed tree in his room next Christmas:)

Chris read Elfa and Tiger's letter to the littles.

And, we enjoyed our breakfast!

Later that afternoon, we worked on a gingerbread house that I picked up while I was out shopping for our NPB. 

I love finding time to create some Christmas magic in our house! It was a fun morning/afternoon!


  1. So cute! :) Autumn got an Elsa ornament too (and Anna!)

    1. Thanks:) Lucky girl! It's amazing how Frozen merchandise can't seem to stay on the shelves.