Saturday, December 20, 2014

Breakfast with Santa!

The littles recently got the pleasure of eating breakfast with Santa!

They were so excited. Here they are eagerly waiting for Santa to come sit with us at our table.

They ate a yummy four cheese souffle while we waited.

Chloe brought the letter to Santa that she had written at school earlier in the week and she couldn't wait to show him. It's not perfect, but the fact that she is in Kindergarten and can write a letter amazes me.

Finally, it was our turn! We really didn't wait long at all, but to the littles it seemed like an eternity.

Santa was so sweet and attentive. He read Chloe's letter and talked to Evan about what he wanted for Christmas. The sweetest moment was when Evan began singing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and all three of them broke out in song in the middle of Panera Bread.

We took a final posed picture.

Then, Santa suggested that I get in the picture and he would have one of his elves take a picture of all four of us.

Did you know that Santa is my boyfriend?!! I can't help but laugh every time that I see this picture. The way that I'm standing in this picture makes it appear that we're having a family outing with my "older" husband! Chris didn't find this picture quite as amusing...

All joking aside, Santa was very sweet to suggest that I also be in the picture. Moms end up stuck behind the camera so much of the time.

Watching the interaction between the littles and Santa made this momma's day. It's so nice to see Christmas through my children's eyes.

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