Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Date with Mrs. Claus & Ellie the Elf!

Our local Chick-fil-A hosted a fun night with Mrs. Claus and Ellie the Elf.

Evan was quite the little charmer with the ladies!

Mrs. Claus was so sweet and told the littles all about how Santa was able to visit to every child on Christmas Eve to deliver presents. She even showed them Santa's special key that was able to open any door just in case there wasn't a chimney for him to go down.


Ellie the Elf was a riot! She explained how she was so much bigger than their scout elves, Elfa and Tiger. She was a hairdresser at the North Pole and apparently the humidity in the South made her expand. She told funny stories about the big man and had the littles giggling with delight!

Mrs. Claus and Ellie were so engaging. The littles really enjoyed meeting them...And, they remembered to leave a candy cane out on Christmas Eve with a note that read "For Ellie", so Santa would know it was for her :)

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