Saturday, December 6, 2014

Aubie Claus

The weekend before Thanksgiving, we took a drive to the loveliest village on the plains to visit our favorite mascot decked out in his Christmas attire, Aubie Claus!

The digital files were emailed to me earlier this week and here are the results.

(I wish that the littles had been looking at the camera in the second picture. It could have been Christmas card material.)

I was unsure about how Evan would do. As many of you already know, he doesn't like costumed characters. The night before we were set to meet Aubie Claus, I overheard him telling Chloe that he wasn't scared of Aubie anymore and that he wasn't afraid to touch him. I guess that these pictures would have been much funnier if he had been...

Looking at these pictures, I'm reminded of the first time that Chloe and Evan met Aubie Claus. Wook at my babies! They've grown so much. 

Thank you, Aubie! 

The Aubie Claus photos were taken to help raise money for Aubie's trip to the 2015 UCA National Championship in Orlando, FL. At this very moment, he is competing in the Capitol One Mascot Challenge Finals! Please help him win this final round by voting for him here! You can vote more than once, so max out those votes!

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  1. These photos of y'all turned out so good!!!! So cute!