Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Chloe's Spring Recital

After Evan's birthday celebration, we rushed out the door to Chloe's Spring Recital. No matter how much planning that I put into time management, it always seems to happen.
Before we left the house, Carlene surprised Chloe with this sweet bouquet and some candies. (She wasn't sure if the flowers would last in her car.)

I was able to snag this photo of Chloe "backstage" before her performances.

She was so excited. I took Chloe on a potty run before her first dance and she confided in me that she was so excited to be dancing on a real stage in a dark room with the lights on them. She's a mess!

First up was Chloe's tap dance!

So much sass!

Her second performance was a ballet to "Beauty and the Beast," the same dance that she performed in the Winter Show. I changed the mode and settings on my camera and these photos turned out much better.

Although the show was a bit long (over 30 performances), we enjoyed it! It was so cute to watch all the beginner dancers and the seasoned dancers as well. It was a good mix. I know that every parent in there was beaming with pride.

Afterwards, we were all pretty tired, but I was able to get a few photos of Chloe and Evan with their fan club;)

Grandmama surprised Chloe with Pez, her favorite candy. 

Chloe and Evan with their Nana and Lola
Chloe and Evan with Aunt Dana and Uncle Tommy
(I love Chloe's stance in this one, very much like a little ballerina.)

I was so pleased to see how this one turned out. Grandmama rarely takes pictures, but I thought that this one turned out great.
The littles with Uncle Rob
The fam...I think that this was the only picture that Chris or I was in all day.  
Thank you to everyone that came out to support our girl!
I am so very proud of you, my tiny dancer. I see all the potential in the world in you, wherever your path may lead.


  1. Way too precious - I can't help but smile looking at these adorable pictures.