Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Trip to the Farmer's Market

This past Saturday we headed to our local Farmer's Market in the search of the perfect peaches for a Father's Day peach cobbler for Granddaddy!

As usual, we were running late and every vendor that had peaches had already sold out:( In desperation, I remembered a red truck that we passed on our way in which had a few baskets of peaches sitting next to it. I approached the vendor and asked him about the peaches that I had seen next to his truck. He told me that they were over-ripe peaches that he had pulled from his baskets (before he sold out), but he offered to sell me a basket for $1. Score! Over-ripe fruits usually make the best cobblers and these were so pretty!
We walked around a little while longer to see if we could find any more good deals. I loved all the pretty colors of the fresh produce!

Chloe spotted a stand selling ice cream bars and I caved. They had some interesting flavors. Chloe and Evan settled on chocolate hazelnut!

After just a few bites, I was rethinking my decision. It was pretty hot out and the littles were covered in the remnants of the chocolate hazelnut.

We also spotted a guy making balloon creations. We witnessed him make a princess and John Deere tractor from balloons. It was pretty cool and the best that I've seen in person. He was making Spider Man in this picture.

He made a butterfly for Chloe...

And he made Lightning McQueen for Evan!

We enjoyed our first trip to the Farmer's Market as a family. Chris made the comment that we could have gotten out of there for a dollar. This was true, but it wouldn't have been as fun:)

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  1. That lightning McQueen balloon is SO cute, I have never seen a balloon of one! How neat! I can't wait to take the kids to the farmers market sometime soon.