Monday, June 24, 2013

A Day with Daddy

I am a little behind on this post, but the Saturday before Father's Day, we went to Chewacla State Park in Auburn, Alabama.
We had planned to go to church on Sunday morning and pay a visit to Granddaddy on Sunday afternoon, so we decided to have Chris's day on Saturday.
I threw a couple of ideas out on what we could do for Father's Day, but ultimately Chris decided that he wanted to spend a day at Chewacla.
Chris is an outdoorsman and has always loved nature. He had visited Chewacla several times before we were married. (I lived in Auburn for 5 years and visited Chewacla State Park all of one time. Ironically, it was with Chris's cousin, Shannon, my college roommate.)
Our first stop was Chewacla Lake. It had a little beach area and a diving platform, which we enjoyed. Chris was the only one to brave the high dive. Although, Chloe and I did swim out to platform, we only jumped/dove in from the platform itself.
After a couple of hours of swimming, Chris took the family on a hike down one of the nature trails. The littles and I had dressed for swimming, so we didn't do so well going down the trail in our flip flops. However, we had a great time...just a few bumps and bruises;)
The Chewacla Dam was beautiful.
We got up close and personal with nature, from the gigantic horseflies to the mussel shell beach.
I'll let the following photos speak for themselves.
I know that Chris appreciates days like these and I am glad that he will be passing on his love for the outdoors to the littles (because we all know that they won't be getting it from me:)). Evan kept repeating, " I never want to leave." It warms my heart to know that he has a love for nature.
We love you, Chris, and we hope that you had a Happy Father's Day!!!

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  1. I LOVE the photo of you with the kids in front of the water fall and I love the one of your husband with them on the cliff! Looks like a fun place, I love the outdoors :)