Monday, June 3, 2013

Arrrgh!!! It's a Pirate Birthday Party!

In a previous post, I mentioned that we decided to forgo a birthday party in lieu of a beach trip for Evan's birthday. However, I decided that it would be nice to get the family together for a small celebration of his birthday.

Since Chloe had a dance recital this past weekend, I decided to kill two birds with one stone by inviting the family over for a pre-party to celebrate our little man turning 3.

On the heels of our beach trip, I decided on a pirate theme!

I'm always searching blogs and pinterest for party planning and decorating ideas, so I thought that I would share some of the detail pictures from this party...

Our mantle

I had big plans to use a ship that Chris claimed he had stored in the attic as a centerpiece, but Chris couldn't find it. I found this cute free printable and borrowed this ship from Chris's grandmother, Grandmama, and put together this little centerpiece!

Also, I saw this a simple idea to make our hurricane lamps "piratey."

For the birthday boy's chair, I accessorized this skeleton that I borrowed from a co-worker. (This was originally a Halloween decoration.)

With more borrowed items and a few inexpensive finds, I put together this centerpiece for the party table. Every decor item that I had to buy for the party was $1 to $3 dollars from the Dollar Store, Hobby Lobby, Target, or Wal-Mart.

I also decorated our chandelier. It was a little more whimsical. I wanted the streamers to replicate water.

Here was the actual food table! It was tailored more to adults since Chloe and Evan were the only children there.

I found a cute free printable that turned our cupcakes into sailboats.

I was so impressed with our "grocery store" cake. I haven't bought a cake from a grocery store for a party in years, but was pleasantly surprised with how well our Publix cake turned out. I'm a convert:)

I had a separate table set up for the drinks.

Soon afterwards our party guests arrived and we got to partyin'!

Evan showed off his birthday gift from Grandmama that he received the weekend of his actual birthday!

My sweet co-worker Carlene showed up and the littles were beside themselves.

I went ahead and put Chloe's hair up for her dance recital before the party. She got the butterfly necklace as a recital gift from Aunt Dana and Uncle Tommy.

We sang "Happy Birthday." This time Evan didn't hide under the table.

The littles enjoyed the cake.

Then we opened birthday gifts. Sissy was a big helper as usual.

Right after opening presents, Chloe had to scurry off to her dance recital since she had to be there post to come soon.

Thank you to everyone that made it the party!!! I really don't feel like we thanked everyone properly during the rush of the evening. We are so blessed to have such a great support system from our family and friends (Carlene;)). Really, we are luckier than most and feel so loved! Thank you!!!

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  1. It was an honor to be invited to celebrate with Evan for his 3rd birthday and see Miss Chloe dance in her recital. They are both just as huggable and loveable as can be. I am truly the lucky one!!