Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

For some reason, I always seem to plan special breakfast meals with the littles to celebrate holidays or special events. It's ironic because breakfast is my least favorite meal of the day! Hand me a coffee and I'm good to go until noon!

However, there is the convenience factor. It just seems to the be the easier meal to plan, especially for this working Momma.

To celebrate Valentine's Day with my sweets, I planned a festive breakfast!

The night before I set out valentine's treats for my sweeties!

(This was the second monkey balloon that I bought for Evan. The first one flew away to a better place;))

Chloe's stash

Evan's stash

I guess great minds think alike because Chris woke up early too. He had planned to cook me an omelet for breakfast before I headed to work!:) Here was our combination breakfast. An awesome omelet and cinnamon rolls and bacon in the shape of hearts. I got the heart-shaped ideas from Pinterest. I shaped the {cinnamon rolls} into hearts and baked as directed. The {bacon} I shaped on a baking sheet and baked in the oven at 400F for 20 minutes.

I didn't mean for the cinnamon rolls to turn out so gruesome. I meant to tint the frosting pink, but may have added just a little too much food coloring...oops! 

The littles enjoyed themselves!

Evan's reaction was priceless! He had the biggest smile on his face. When I asked him if he saw the monkey balloon, he clasped his hands together, put them under his chin, and said "ohh, ohh, ahh, ahh!" All I heard was " I love it, Momma!" because that's what his sweet monkey sounds translated to in English. Right!?!!:)

I was able to get all my valentines in one pic, bed-head and all!

And a quick shot of Momma and her littles. Chloe looks like she just smelled something stinky! Ha!

The littles are so blessed to be loved by so many. From their visit with Aunt Dana who brought candy to their Valentine's package from Nana filled with activity books and candy to a quick visit by Lola and Uncle Jose who brought candy and balloons, the littles definitely got an abundance of Valentine's Day love!

We truly are blessed to have so much love in our lives!!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!  

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