Friday, February 22, 2013

First Dental Appointment

Chloe and Evan had their first dental appointment a few weeks back. We've been total slackers on scheduling Chloe's first dental appointment. I've read differing opinions online on when a child should have his or her first dental appointment, but amongst my mommy friends, 3 years old seemed to be the optimum age.

Although we chose the same dental practice where Chris went as a child, the littles did not have the same childhood dentist as Chris. This probably worked out better for Evan, since we believe that he did better with a female dentist:)

This particular dental practice is known for its train caboose waiting area. Here are the littles waiting for their first cleanings!

The littles did so well! Evan sat in Chris' lap during his cleaning and didn't cry at all. Chloe was a big girl and went back for her cleaning all by herself!

We're happy to report that Evan was cavity free!!:) However, Chloe didn't fair so well. She has some cavities that we will be filling next week:(

All in all, the littles enjoyed their first visit to the dentist. They came back with a few goodies that they couldn't wait to show off.

As a mother, I'm glad that we checked the first dental visit off of our check list. However, as far as oral care, I guess I learned an important lessen the hard way...It's definitely just as important to floss daily as it is to brush! (Chloe's cavities were all between her teeth.) Remember to brush and floss!:)

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