Monday, February 11, 2013

Birthday Fun!!!

In the midst of getting the littles spring and summer clothes from last year ready for consigning and preparing for two work trips, we managed to squeeze in a little fun and celebrate birthdays with two very sweet girls!

Pretty Cason celebrated her 7th birthday with the cutest cupcake themed party!

It's amazing to see how close Chloe and Evan have grown over these past couple of months. I was able to capture this sweet moment as they watched Cason open up her birthday presents and thought that no one was watching:) (There is Evan with that finger again...tisk, tisk)

And this one! They are such a cute pair!...And I'm not just saying that because I'm their mother;)

Be proud of me! I FINALLY remembered to get a picture of the littles with the birthday girl!

Also, cutie pie Tyleigh celebrated her 3rd birthday! Tyleigh and Evan were born just a few months apart and Evan claims that Tyleigh is his "best friend." (In my head, I'm saying those words in my cutest little toddler voice.)

Photo courtesy of Ashleigh Schlemmer Photography

Just like Tyleigh, her party was very girly! The littles got to decorate their own magic wand cookies.

This had to be my favorite photo from the day...I just wish that I'd gotten it at a better angle. The girls were "flying like fairies!"

Tyleigh's mom, Ashleigh, had a photo booth set up and got the best shots.

Photos courtesy of Ashleigh Schlemmer Photography
We even got a photo of the Mommas, Ashleigh and I.

Chloe's favorite part of the day was probably getting to put on makeup for the first time:)

And last, but certainly not least, a photo of the littles and I!

Photo courtesy of Ashleigh Schlemmer Photography
I'm always so amazed at the creativity of the mothers that I know, especially when it comes to planning that special day for their children. It was so much fun girls! I hope that you  had a great day! I know that we did:)

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