Friday, February 8, 2013

For the Love of Grandmothers

Two of the littles' favorite people are their grandmothers.

On their latest excursion with their Lola, the littles visited Build-A-Bear. Unlike their last visit, Evan decided to build his own bear. They didn't get a chance to register their bears with their Lola, so we went back the following day to get their bears registered.

Evan and his bear, Camo!

Notice the crazy shoes that didn't go with Camo's outfit at all? Chloe picked them out. Apparently, they "were cool!"

Chloe with her bear, Chicklet!

Also, Nana paid us a quick visit on that same weekend. The littles sure do love their Nana!

We love and appreciate all that these special ladies do for us! Where would we be without them?:)

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