Saturday, September 15, 2012

War Eagle!!!

We finally got the chance to watch our Auburn Tigers play in their first home game of the season, Auburn vs. Louisiana-Monroe. This was my first game in 6 years, and the first game EVER for Chris and the Littles, so we were excited!

I was too busy enjoying the company, so this was one of the only shots I got of the tailgate.

Chris, Chloe, and Evan enjoying their first game...

We got caught in gameday traffic, so we weren't able to stop by a store for our gameday accessories, but luckily, we found a vendor in the stadium that sold AU temporary tattoos and spirit shakers, so here we are showing our school spirit! (I grabbed a couple of extras, so that we wouldn't be unprepared at the next game.)
Chloe was disappointed that she didn't get to meet Aubie the Tiger, Auburn's mascot. I didn't know that it was a priority in her gameday experience, or, I would have made more of an effort to find his meet-and-greet spot before the game. Maybe next time. However, after the game, we passed by an inflatable Aubie...
My poor children are so "deprived."

On our way home, we passed by Toomer's Corner and the famous Toomer's Oaks. I do have to say that it makes me feel sad to see what is left of them and to know that when Chloe and Evan attend Auburn (crossing fingers) that they will not participate in the same tradition that I did as an Auburn student. Sure, new Oaks may be planted, but it will never be the same.

The most I will say about this season is that I'm glad that we won today, especially on the day that we all attended our first game as a family. I love my Auburn Tigers, win or lose! War Eagle!!!


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