Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dino Day

The Littles and I vistited a Dinosaur Exhibit today! Here are a few pictures of our Dino adventure.

(Please ignore the photo quality. Although I brought my SLR camera, I forgot to put my Flash Card back in it, so I improvised with my camera phone:))

Here are the Littles infront of one of the interactive displays.


And here they are at the Dino Dig uncovering fossils!

We also enjoyed a few of the attractions, like riding a dinosaur...


And what can best be described as a Dino playground!

We also got a photo with the T-Rex! (Evan actually posed for a couple with T-Rex, but they all turned out blurry like most of the day's photos:()

This was a nice break from our norm and the kids really enjoyed it, plus there was a wee bit of learning involved!

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