Sunday, September 9, 2012

Biscuits Baseball

This weekend got off to a shaky start! First, there was a foiled attempt for Chloe to attend a Rainbows Field Day because of confusion on my part. Then, Auburn had a disappointing loss.

I was beginning to think that our weekend would be better spent in the sanctuary of our own home, but we had tickets to watch our hometown baseball team, the Montgomery Biscuits, play in the playoffs. We originally purchased tickets to watch the Biscuits play their last game of the regular season on Labor Day, but since the game was rained out, we exchanged them for tickets to their first home playoff game.

Boy, am I glad that we made it out. We were met at the game by Chad, Diana, and Sophia. We always have a great time with these three.

We arrived at the game as the sun was setting, and in true Evan fashion, he was taking it all in. This was my favorite shot of the night.

The Biscuits Stadium sits beside the train tracks and Chloe excitedly watched as the trains would pass.

The kids enjoyed the inflatables at the Biscuits game! Here is a quick picture of Chloe and Evan before our friends arrived!

Chloe just loves spending time with her gal pal, Sophia!

Here are the sweet girls waiting their turns to go into the Bouncy House.

And here are my hot dog eating champions!

The girls decided that they would have a rolling race down the hill in the lawn seating section! Don't worry they stopped before hitting the wall:)

Did I mention that each kid got tickets for a free hot dog, soft drink, and SNOW CONE?! It was well-worth the price of admission for Chris and I!

Daddy and Evan enjoyed the snow cones.

Here are a few random pictures from the night.

The evening ended with a fireworks display. I've never been good at photographing fireworks, so I decided to take candid shots of reactions. Sophia did NOT enjoy the fireworks. We couldn't help but be amused at her expense...

And, here are a few cute shots from our evening.

Unfortunately, the Biscuits lost that game and are officially out the playoffs, but, as you can see, we had a great family fun night. I'm so glad that we made it out and for the company!